From Student to Studio Owner—It Could Happen to You

From Student to Studio Owner—It Could Happen to You

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EGD and SEGD have been part of my life for well over 22 years, from the beginning of my career in New York City.

As a student studying graphic and industrial design, I didn’t really have a community at school that shared my interests. But after landing my first job in New York, I was introduced to SEGD through a series of local Chapter events. Joining SEGD not only allowed me to meet others in my field who share a passion for the same things I loved, but I was exposed to other firms in our field, emerging technologies, helpful resources and new design strategies. I met friends and future colleagues.

Through the years, SEGD has provided me the opportunity to further my education at annual conferences, workshops and teleconferences (Yes! We had pre-Internet learning opportunities!). These events are critically important as we don’t always have the time or resources to go back to school. It’s also great for designers making the switch to experiential graphic design from another field. 

Additionally, SEGD gave me a chance to help the association itself grow, which has been a pretty super opportunity (especially considering how designers like to help develop brands, solve their clients’ wayfinding issues and educate their users). You have this opportunity, too: It could be as simple as submitting to the Global Design Awards or writing a blog post for the website. Or, you could volunteer as a Chapter Chair. Honestly, you can make it what you want, but first you have to join.

And now, I find myself a business owner. My company, Airspace, will be coming up on its fourth anniversary in 2019. I know that having SEGD in my life made it a little easier to take that risk. Many members I call good friends are business owners themselves and provided support and advice as I made the transition, pushing me to be my best and to go beyond.

Who could ask for anything more than that?!

Jill Ayers,President, 2014-2015 SEGD Board of Directors

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