Student Influx!

For the first time ever this year, one in eight participants at the SEGD Conference will be a student!

SEGD is already experiencing record membership highs, and this influx of student members just adds to the wave of excitement building in the organization in anticipation of the conference June 4-6 in Chicago.

In 2015, student members have been granted more benefits than ever before: free access to webinars, design awards entry, SEGD Talks videos, and physical events like the 2015 SEGD Conference: Experience Chicago. This really opens avenues for students to participate in the community in extremely engaging ways (even on a student’s budget).

Clive Roux, SEGD’s CEO, says, "Last year firm leaders told us finding new talent was the top priority. We've responded fast by attracting more talent into the community by offering all events free to student members. The results have been outstanding. When you attend conference this year, you'll have the chance to connect with more than 40 registered students.”

At the conference, students will have the opportunity to network with peers, fabricators, and potential mentors--even future employers- while learning and reinforcing their interest in the field. The second annual Young Designer’s Breakfast event at the conference will create a specific venue for students and designers under 30 to connect.

For senior designers, project managers, and firm leaders, meeting young designers and students at the conference is a great opportunity to cultivate relationships that not only may lead to a future position, but could also provide valuable insights into the next generation of designers. Networking and face time is particularly important for fledgling designers, whose resumes often do not yet reflect their professional potential or personal strengths. Says SEGD board member John Lutz, “We really need to reach out to the next generation of talent with experience and interest in experiential graphics.”

Environmental and Experiential Graphic Design programs at universities are few and far between, and recruiting for EGD/XGD firms is often a challenge with small pools of qualified junior design candidates. Firm leadership often must really stretch to make connections, traveling specifically for recruiting purposes.

Student members will be identifiable by a green bar on their badge. Say hi to one! 

Connect with the next generation at the SEGD Conference, June 4-6 in Chicago. Register now! 

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