SEGD Member Anthony Clayton: Design leader recognized by the Boston Business Journal

SEGD Member Anthony Clayton: Design leader recognized by the Boston Business Journal

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In 2011, SEGD member Anthony Clayton founded Bluebird Graphics Solutions, an architectural signage studio serving the needs of developers, architects, contractors and their clients. Today, after ten years of growth and success, the Boston Business Journal recognizes Bluebird as one of the “Largest Minority-Owned Businesses” in Massachusetts.

“Our team is honored to be included in the list. With it, we celebrate our progress and memorialize our triumph over the challenges faced in 2020,” says Anthony who is owner and president of Bluebird. “But being on the list comes with mixed feelings. It is a little like being on the endangered species list. So, as much as we appreciate being recognized, we look forward to the day when the list is unnecessary due to the abundance of our numbers.”

Bluebird’s 25-member team includes a diverse group of designers, artists, fabricators, project managers and salespeople who work together to create a range of architectural signage, including wayfinding and complex interactive systems, for businesses and organizations.

Further marking Bluebird’s successes, Anthony recently collaborated with Glynn Lloyd, Executive Director of the Foundation for Business Equity, to write an op-ed for the Boston Business Journal in their June 25, 2021 issue. Titled “A Healthy Economy Includes Everyone.” The op-ed advocates for greater equity in the design world.

“As business leaders, we have the opportunity and responsibility to use our platforms to set the tone for our organizations’ culture and to advocate for the removal of structural barriers to equity,” write Anthony and Glynn. “Every day we make intentional decisions to strengthen ownership in our communities. This is a long journey.”

SEGD supports Anthony in this long journey and says “Congratulations!” on his successes as a business leader and a social leader.

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