Professional Training Survey Results

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In February SEGD asked the profession about their training needs. The input will be used ensure that the SEGD education program is better tuned to the needs of the profession. The results are in and reveal some interesting observations about how the profession looks at training.

Probably the most interesting fact was that almost universally, respondents said that they find it important that staff are trained in the core competences. Through the past year the Education Task force has been building on the work done a few years back by the task force to define the core competences for Environmental and Experiential Graphic Design by linking the core competences to available courses through the SEGD store as well as producing a series of new workbooks. As most professionals come out of college with a degree one one or more components of experiential graphic design, but no all the core competences required, we are taking it upon ourselves to produce training that will provide professionals with the materials to master them.

This survey has gone a long way to help shine a light on what core competences are required. What is clear from the survey results is that while we were looking previously at the core competences more narrowly in terms of what is required to produce experiential graphics designs, the real meaning of core competences that has emerged from the survey is much broader including what is required to operate as an experiential graphic designer professionally. This includes business and project management, sales and new business development that are not often taught at design school.

Given the importance placed on business and project management skills, we expect a sell out crowd at the Business of Design educational event coming up in Portland April 27 and 28th which is specifically designed to address these needs.


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