Pat Matson, We Miss You Already!

Photo of Pat Matson

When the Board of SEGD decided to start up a magazine, it was begun on a shoestring. Then-Executive Director Leslie Gallery Dilworth dug up stories, found writers and designers and did interviews. Another staffer managed logistics, sales, printing and distribution.

We learned on the job, until Pat Matson joined the staff in 2007. Actually, she'd been our most reliable writer for a couple years prior to that. She'd run magazines before and knew more about the right way to do it than anyone on the SEGD staff—giving us so much guidance that we eventually had no choice but to hire her full time as editor of the magazine.

Pat brought a new degree of professionalism to our color publication, named segdDESIGN at the time. She got production on schedule so members actually received their magazine once each quarter, instead of three in one quarter. She developed a reliable stable of writers who understood what our designers and fabricators do—no small feat considering many of our members’ parents don’t understand what they do. She produced dozens of articles herself when the economy tanked in 2008 and we had to pull in the budgetary reins.

She introduced a style and consistency that made SEGD proud to say we published the only full-color magazine devoted to EGD.

In 2012, Pat oversaw the redesign and renaming of the magazine by members Holmes Wood (London.) Our award-winning magazine was now named eg. (Did we mention the multiple awards over many years won by the magazine as both segdDESIGN and eg?)

But enough about Pat and the magazine. What has she done for us lately?

As SEGD moved away from a traditional membership model and toward an Internet-based must-have tool for members, Pat dove deep into the new concept and helped move our content stream from a dribble to a consistent flow. As she would often say, to make it work you have to "feed the beast." And feed it she did.

Perhaps the best representation of Pat's dedication to SEGD and the content we produce was a recent change in style, from Oxford (or serial) commas to omitting that third comma. (It's important; look it up.) Though her personal devotion is to the Oxford comma, she knew the best stylistic approach for SEGD content was to leave that last comma out.

Doing the best thing for SEGD. Can't say anything better about Pat.

We miss her already, and wish her the best in her new position!

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