Nurturing Your Soul

Nurture your Soul

I have to admit I have a travel bug. Just as soon as I've returned from a trip, I look forward to the next journey, the next experience, and the next batch of information I can add to my human database of knowledge. So maybe my bug is the experience bug. Connecting with our members, the Experiential Graphic Design community, is extremely rewarding. And making those connections in person at our events... priceless. Our community is on fire right now. People are so busy they just can't get out of the office. Sure it's great for business and great for your career. But perhaps there's that moment you really do need to get out of the office. For you. For your soul. For your career. For your future. As a lifelong learner I have always felt that education, regardless the format, place where it happens or who it is with is enormously valuable. Going somewhere (anywhere) is incredibly powerful for the soul and is part of your life's education. It really doesn't matter where the destination could be, or what the purpose of the visit is (if it's an SEGD event, you're gonna score some points with us!), but there is a something special that happens by simply "going away." Think about this the next time the opportunity presents itself to escape even for an overnight or a day. That quick trip, workshop, lecture, or session (even if just for an evening) could pay you back ten-fold in the next few years of your career! Invest in you. Invest in your life long education!

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