Nick Kapica Off Grid Conference Chair Discusses the Rationale for the Conference

Nick Kapica, SEGD Chapter Chair, Wellington, New Zealand

Experiential Graphic Design was the umbrella term chosen for SEGD in 2013 to help capture the ever-expanding ways the profession uses communication to connect people to place. Our association covers many different practice areas from Wayfinding to Placemaking, Branded Environments, Exhibition Design, Public Installations, Design Research and Planning. Additionally, digital technologies for interfaces and the use of dynamic digital content are rapidly becoming common ways to connect people to place.

In June 2016, during the SEGD Annual Conference Chapter Chair meeting, I made a proposal that each of the chapters organize a workshop with the intention of investigating what Experiential Graphic Design means in their community. We may very well discover some buried truths about how we design experiences, from the very professionals working to connect people to place. It would certainly be interesting for our community to ponder as the field evolves!

In this same spirit of discovery, SEGD invites the many diverse practitioners of the Experiential Graphic Design field to come together in Wellington, New Zealand for the Off Grid 17 conference.

Off Grid 17 is the first attempt to examine what Experiential Graphic Design means to the design community. At the conference we will investigate, challenge, explore and define the meaning of Experiential Graphic Design and imagine the future of our field in contexts like city infrastructure, educational curriculum and design practice. We will seek to answer questions like: Where does Experiential Graphic Design fit into the ever-expanding discipline of design? What do Experience Design, Service Design, Wayfinding, Brand Identity and Exhibition Design contribute to Experiential Graphic Design? And, How does Experiential Graphic Design actually connect people to place?

Off Grid 17 is going to be a first-of-its-kind design adventure. Register before it is too late.

We hope to see you there!

Nick Kapica

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