Meet the Winner of the 2021 SEGD Student Scholarship Competition

2021 FIT Master of Arts program in Exhibition Design SEGD Scholarship Winner

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An important part of SEGD’s mission is to educate, connect and inspire our community of designers, including students who are just beginning their journeys within the fields of design. SEGD is committed to fostering the growth of this next generation as they prepare to enter into and propel the profession forward. To help support and encourage them, SEGD developed the SEGD Student Scholarship in Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design at FIT.

Students in the Graduate E&ED program at FIT were invited to submit their reflections on the 2021 SEGD XLAB event (“Convergence of Experimentation at the Intersection of Digital and Physical” January 27-29, 2021) by analyzing and distilling their experiences of the virtual conference into brief shareable videos or image series. Each scholarship applicant expressed what they learned and gained from their attendance at XLAB through these videos.

“This is a great project for this extraordinary group,” says Christina Lyons, Chair of the Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design at FIT. “And I think they tackled this opportunity in some really unique ways.”

SEGD reviewed submissions from nine FIT graduate students who participated. After deliberating, the selection committee recognized one applicant to win the $1500 scholarship along with two runners-up. Please meet …

The 2021 SEGD Student Scholarship winner:

Claudia Tinta
Claudia created a 60-second video title “The Unofficial XLAB ABC’s.” Claudia used a hand-drawn aesthetic to feature 26 words related to the themes of the XLAB conference (set against an instrumental version of “Pure Imagination.”) Chosen phrases include:
·   “EMPATHY and understanding of other people’s experiences,”
·   “OPTIMIZING for real world chaos,” and
·   “SOCIAL VR brings people together.”

The 2021 SEGD Student Scholarship runner-up:

Briyana Rainer
Briyana created an upbeat 60-second video titled “What I Learned at XLAB.” In the video, Briyana using a hi-tech aesthetic to feature key messages delivered at the conference (set against a soundtrack of tubebackr’s “Our Journey.”)

The 2021 SEGD Student Scholarship runner-up:

Marlyka (Lyka) Williams
Lyka created a slideshow featuring the message “CREATE WITHOUT INHIBITION” which reflects the branding—and captures the spirit—of the conference.

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