Letter from Jill Ayers, New SEGD President

Jill Ayers, SEGD President 2014-2015, Owner Airspace, Brooklyn, NY

Dear SEGD Community,

Happy New Year!

I want to take a few moments to say hello and thank everyone for an amazing year in 2013.

I am stepping into some big shoes following Amy Lukas, SEGD’s outgoing President. With her energy and insight, we have begun a new chapter for SEGD that included several new SEGD family members: our CEO Clive Roux, Justin Molloy as Director of Education, Mariam Safi as our new Marketing Manager, and Kathleen Turner as Director of New Business. We also changed our descriptor, broadening SEGD’s mandate to embrace our members’ work in experiential graphic design and other allied areas of communication design. We focused heavily on improving the quality of our educational programming and hosted several new events around the country. In the process, we grew our chapter network by adding new chapters in San Diego, Portland, Austin, London, and Wellington, New Zealand.

2014 will be another critical year for the growth of SEGD, as we work toward:

  • The upcoming annual conference, Convergence, in Atlanta June 5-7
  • Our exciting 2014 line-up of educational events, including a new healthcare design workshop in March and a partnership with the International Sign Association in April
  • Xlab, our exploration of the cutting edge of EGD (Experiential Graphic Design) in the fall
  • Many exciting local chapter events in a town near you, and
  • Our new SEGD website!

These are exciting times for SEGD. We have some planned changes in leadership as current SEGD Officers Wayne McCutcheon (Past President),
Ed Hofmann (VP), and Mark VanderKlipp (Treasurer) roll off the Executive Committee and Gary Stemler (Treasurer) and John Lutz (VP) join. There are no new Board members joining in 2014, as we work to streamline the board from its current size of 27 to about 14 over the next year or two. To our departing board members, a big thank you for your contributions to SEGD.

I’m excited to step into my new role as President and work with a wonderfully supportive Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, our talented SEGD staff, and our steadily growing SEGD membership.

I look forward to connecting with old friends and making new ones in 2014!

Onward and upward,

Jill Ayers

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