How SEGD Membership Amplifies Your New Business and Marketing Activities

SEGD forges ahead on creating membership value

Why should you and your Firm be members of SEGD? There are many reasons, but the one most often cited and cherished is the warmth, friendliness and helpfulness of the members. But there is a growing alternative reason: Marketing ROI

  • has about 3 million page reads every year. A larger audience than 95% of member firms’ individual websites.

Members visits account for only 0.4% of the unique visitors to For the past four years we have been developing stronger member benefits. We’ve reported on our progress growing our online audience through the creation of a strong digital content portal - - for the Experiential Graphic Design profession. This month we analyzed the value these activities are generating for individual members and their firms. It is a manual process at the moment, but the results have exceeded our wildest expectations. And we know you will agree.

  • Most of those page reads are content about you, the member. Seriously! On average about 8,000 pages per firm.

As most of the content is about you, not SEGD the organization, it stands to reason that visitors read a lot about you on SEGD. org. The members-first content strategy is working better than any of us could have hoped for. Even though that is exactly what we planned for. is an open community. We provide many ways for any member firm to participate in publishing blogs, having a Firm Listing and a Member Bio, entering the awards and having articles written about your work. This levels the playing field, opening opportunities for any firm to get published when that might be very difficult to achieve using traditional media outlets. We are here to help you get connected and tell the world about your great work!

  • SEGD amplifies your marketing efforts. If you add the number of pages of information visitors read about you, your firm and your great projects on to your own web site page views, your page views would increase by an average of 51.9% a year.

We would love to claim that we (more than) double your marketing effort and we can say that for 20% of the firms in the analysis. However, there is a catch, as they are the ones who make SEGD an integral part of their marketing strategy and publish a lot of their content on Only you can take advantage of the traffic by contributing.

The smart marketing move for members is to send whatever you are publishing as news, articles, blogs and thought pieces on your own website to SEGD to publish because we can amplify its audience by giving it exposure to the huge and growing audience!

  • SEGD delivers between $2,000 and $20,000 a year of marketing awareness value for firms. An average of $4,327 per firm.

Why such a big range? Because it is completely dependent on how much you contribute in content to

How do we measure this? The number of pages visitors read on about you, your projects or articles that reference you or your firm multiplied by the lower end of the range of the average cost of a Google Adword per click ($1-2).

How does SEGD help you achieve this?’s annual audience consists of over 600,000 visits from 420,000 unique visitors. That’s an audience many multiples larger than 95% of our member firm’s individual website traffic (average 29,000).

SEGD's content strategy is to write about our members, their firms and great projects. Most association websites content are about the association and its business. One part of our mission is to promote our community! This content strategy differentiates us from all other associations. As a result,’s content is rich, compelling and relevant. Visitors find it through search (62% of the annual traffic) and come to SEGD to read about Experiential Graphic Design and your work. Not about SEGD! Roughly 15% of our visitors classified themselves as clients or potential clients in an on-line survey on

  • 3.6% of the pages viewed on about you result in someone clicking through to your website or LinkedIn.

In web terms that’s about double the average for conversions. Stands to reason. is qualified traffic interested in what you create! It also means that in addition to the awareness created on, it is also driving traffic to your website. That adds up to a combined annual total for the membership of over 110,000 links a year! Also worth noting is that for every click through to your website, visitors are reading 110 pages of information about you or your firm, projects and news on

SEGD delivers more value than any other association. You get impressive marketing ROI as well as the already well-known benefits of all the physical networking interactions and our education resources - over 300 videos, 118 podcast courses, workbooks and five targeted education events a year.

It all starts with purchasing a Firm Listing on and a conversation about how you can improve the amount of’s audience you can get to.

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