Hourly Billing Rates for Experiential Graphic Design

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SEGD is working towards achieving its strategic plan of becoming a vital tool to support the profession of Experiential Graphic Design.

In December SEGD conducted an Hourly Billing Rate survey to provide members with a frame or reference for billing rates. The survey revealed a broad range of billing rates across the profession.

We received a good response to the survey with more than 110 firms responding. The results are 95% reliable within a 7.4 point range. I.e. if 40 people said they charge $100 an hour, we can be sure with 95% accuracy that if every member had submitted a response to the survey, between 36.3 and 43.7 people would have given that same answer.

Here is a top line summary of the results.

Experiential Graphic Design Hourly Billing Rates


Thank you to all who participated in the survey. The full survey report provides a complete overview with charts per position, summaries and rates for many other job titles. The report is available to all SEGD members in the new SEGD Toolbox on the website.



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