Feeling Adventurous?


Feeling thirsty and adventurous? After all, your evenings are your own at the SEGD Conference, so why not take advantage? 

In the spirit of entropy, and an urge to explore (did someone say xplore?), I present to you a few random (but really fun-sounding) ideas for your albeit limited free time during the 2015 SEGD Conference:

1. See some real Chicago Jazz, drink in hand at Jazz Showcase

2. Charm the late-night staff (if you dare), and eat a Chicago dog at Weiner's Circle

3. Buy a round of Chile-Coke shots at The Dawson

4. Relive your childhood playing vintage Nintendo games at Galway Bay

5. Eat a handful of blueberries with your beer, play Skee-Ball and cut a mean rug at Slippery Slope

6. Enjoy wine-soaked desert at Nico Osteria

7. Take in a Midwest Mule with a view at The J.Parker 

8. See Will Butler from Arcade Fire play a set at Lincoln Hall 

9. Get crafty and check out recycled art at Remix Chicago

10. Stuff your face at the Pilsen Food Truck Fest

Bonus points for anyone who completes all within 24 hours! 

Can't wait to see you at the 2015 SEGD Conference Experience Chicago. Missing it would be tragic, and no one wants that! Register now! 

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