Did the Grinch steal January as well?

SEGD CEO Update 2014

Where did January go? It seems like the members I have spoken to feel the same way. 2014 has gotten off to a flying start, so fast in fact I am wondering if the Grinch stole January from us! There is a new energy and new momentum to 2014 that I haven’t seen in a while.

SEGD is experiencing the same acceleration. This week, one month after launch, we delivered our first 100,000 page reads from the new website. Who knew there was such a thirst for knowledge about EGD? Most members don’t really understand what an asset the SEGD website can be to them with its annual traffic of 180,000+ visits and more than 120,000 unique visitors, many of them potential clients. Our goal in launching the site was to better connect members, their firms, projects, and thinking to this traffic flow interested in EGD.

So far that goal seems to be working out the way we were hoping it would. Member Profiles have already received 50-200 reads each, with the firms’ listings in the same order of magnitude. If you entered the SEGD Global Design Awards and won, you would be receiving another 250-400 reads, and if you are submitting Member News, that would add another 80-200 reads a month. All in all, the publicity and awareness you can build on SEGD.org will easily cover the cost of your membership and should really help you to market your firm and services. Besides the awareness and the reads you will get, the scale and effectiveness of the new website will also help to boost your search rankings because of all the links that we have added from the segd.org to your websites if you purchased a Firm Listing or submitted a free Member Bio. At the end of the day, we are focused on helping to drive more of that traffic interested in EGD to your website so that people can consider doing business with you.

SEGD membership continues to show growth. Thank you all for your support and vote of confidence. Please keep the comments and ideas coming: tell us what you would like your professional association to be doing to better support you.

The quality of our webinars has continued to improve as our Director of Education Justin Molloy works to bring you new topics, new speakers, and a new webinar platform that brings you the speakers live in video this year. I watched Thursday’s Advanced Tools for Visualization webinar and it was so powerful to see our speaker, Michael Shaub of Gensler, do amazing live demonstrations from his desktop, showing us how to use digital tools to create compelling artwork that easily transfers to production. Join us for the February webinar to experience it yourself. If you attended last week’s webinar, you can also expect to receive a helpful summary document within days for use in your office.

Entries are flooding in for the SEGD Global Design Awards and Alan Jacobson, this year’s jury chair, has assembled a great team of jurors from around the world for the deliberations. Don’t forget we have introduced judging in five new practice-area categories: Wayfinding, Exhibition, Placemaking and Identity, Public Installations, and Strategy/Research/Planning. This will allow members working in the various practice areas a fair chance to compete for awards. The Honor winners in these categories will go forward to be judged for the Best in Show Award. Don’t miss your chance to win this year. Enter before the February 14 deadline.

Preparations for the SEGD Well Healthcare Innovations Workshop (March 20—21 in Cincinnati), the Design + Connections workshop at the ISA Sign Expo (April 24 in Orlando), and the 2014 SEGD Conference: Convergence (June 5-7 in Atlanta) are all in the final stages. It is going to be a great year for the SEGD community to get together, get inspired, dream a little, and make some solid business connections. We look forward to seeing you at the events starting with SEGD Well just over a month from now. Register early, as interest in this event has been very high and space is limited.

--Clive Roux, CEO

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