Design to Go—Seoul

Design To Go

In this week's installment of Design To Go, Diane Burk travels to Seoul, South Korea, the largest metropolis and capital city of the country, which houses half of the country's 51.4 million citizens in a mere 233.7 square miles. Seoul is known for its leadership in commerce and technology, generating over 20 percent of the country's GDP and serving as home to corporations like Samsung, LG, Hyundai and Kia.

March 2017—April 2017: Seoul





This informal design blog began as I departed for a year long, around the world trip in October 2016. As well as a personal gap year, this travel time allows me to take a professional design sabbatical, following more than 30 years as a Graphic Designer/Art Director in the museum design world. "Design To Go" is a casual record of my design-related findings on the road, likely to be eclectic, various and somewhat random. Some of the things I come across that stimulate my design thinking might be of interest to others. My goal is to return to San Francisco in October 2017 inspired with fresh perspectives and energized to restart my design career. In design, anything is possible!

—Diane Burk, Design To Go

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