Customer Experience in the Real World

The ways we engage with the world have changed radically, and seemingly overnight. We look at the world through the filter of our smart phones and tablets and, increasingly, through a network of digital interfaces wherever we go. In the subway system, embedded interface technology and digital kiosks help me find the right train and provide tips about shops and amenities nearby. At McDonalds, I can order a custom hamburger (avocado, please, hold the pickles) via a new digital interface. I can add to my parking meter remotely via my smartphone. At the airport, iPad-powered concierge services help me locate my gate, find the lunch I want, and even have it delivered to me. If I want to shop in a bricks-and-mortar store, I'll still interact with screens that give me access to the brand story, engage me with the merchandise, and make it easier and more fun to buy. And in museums, new and innovative digital interfaces connect me with infinite realms of information and provide new ways to learn while I play.

For experience designers, it has become impossible to ignore the digital context in which we're experiencing the world. Engaging customers today requires designers to think beyond static communication systems and add new skill sets around interaction, multi-directional communication, and digital experience.

Hosted at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas March 10, 2015, SEGD's 2015 CX Workshop will provide a solid grounding in the state of customer experience design:

  • How the digital and physical environments are melding to create totally new experiences
  • How digital tools are being used to activate a wide variety of commercial spaces
  • The most effective new content development models
  • How designers are encouraging customers to engage with digital displays in store
  • How it IS possible to integrate architecture with digital interfaces
  • The technologies you should be paying attention to right now
  • New immersive media tools

Top retailers have fully embraced the power of digital experiences to engage and excite customers. Entertainment and educational venues are busy innovating digital interfaces to connect with their customers. Cities are working toward a wholly connected environment. Join us at the 2015 CX Workshop to see where the movement is headed, and where you fit in!

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