Creating Digital Experiences for Your "Customers"


They’re probably not your customers. In fact, they may not be “customers" per se at all, but they are the key to your client’s ROI in your design. As shopping options increase, particularly in terms of the convenience, ease, and personalization of online shopping, the in-store shopper increasingly wants a similarly enhanced experience, but all the more memorable as it is happening in the physical environment.

Enter interactive "smart" shopping experiences.

There are a lot of vehicles to convey your client's message or begin the interaction with the "customer".  Screens, sensors and digital signage are just a few, but the integration of content and this technology into the architectural space is very important to the experience as well.

To be clear, all of this cutting-edge design and technology has applications in other public spaces like airports, restaurants, hotels, theaters, museums, corporate offices, and pretty much anywhere an organization or entity could want people to engage with their brand, product, service, ideas, or physical space.

Bringing this type of work into your practice is a great way to expand your knowledge, skill set, and business.

Build it and they will come- but first join us at the CX: Creating Customer Experiences Workshop in Las Vegas, March 10 and get into the Digital Signage Expo and 24 of their educational sessions for free March 11-12.

Here's a couple more reasons, (besides the warm weather) the CX Workshop is worth the trip:

  • Digital and interactive consumer experiences are most definitely the future
  • Networking with fabricators, potential clients, and your peers is important (and can be fun, too!)
  • Our speakers know their stuff (and that stuff is really cool)
  • Because it’s in VEGAS!!!

What are you waiting for?

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