CEO Update Q4 2015: What's in it for you?

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Member benefits continue to get stronger all the time. Through this quarter, we continued our ongoing work to improve the value of membership and achieved a few new records worth celebrating along the way!

Membership hit another new record high of 1,753 in November and will continue to grow through the end of the year. Thank you all for your strong support in 2015!

In November, we posted the 100th SEGDTalkvideo from the conference and workshop sessions. The videos (free for members) were viewed over 25,000 times, delivering a five-times increase in the number of people who benefited from the SEGD educational program in 2015.

Over 500 new articles have been produced in eg magazine and on the website this year. With well over 3,000 articles on the site and the profession busier than ever, we thought you might appreciate having a shortcut to the Best of the Best of SEGD in 2015,so the staff rounded up the new projects and thought leadership that stood out within Experiential Graphic Design this year. Enjoy our 2015 in review!

We are making great progress in achieving our goal of promoting Experiential Graphic Design to a wider audience to support the promotion of design excellence and educate more people on the benefits of Experiential Graphic Design. We passed 3,300,000 page views on the website, a new record up more than 300% over 2013. 235,000 unique visitors read an average of 9 pages per visit. There have been over 370,000 visits to the site. many people returned multiple times! 50% of the traffic came from the work we have done to improve our Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Over 50% of these visitors were brand new to the site! 40% of our visitors were international visitors.

The websites traffic has become a huge asset for SEGD. SEGD is you, the member, so therefore our task has been to make sure we connect this traffic asset effectively to you and ensure that your presence on the website provides the very best way for the 6,000+ prospective clients to get to know you, your firm and your great work. Besides being the best resource for knowledge about the profession, the site is also one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. Make sure you maximize your return!

This quarter, we have radically upgraded the Member Bios and Firm Listings. Take a look at one of the new Member Bios.They  are now rich profiles (and free to you!). The Bios automatically collect all content related to you, such as SEGD Global Design Awards, Feature Articles, SEGDTalks (videos), Member News and connections to your firm. When logged onto the site as a member, you will also see members' contact details and volunteer participation in SEGD. Visits to the Bios already represent the 6th most popular destination on

The Firm Listings($350 a year) were upgraded in a similar way, offering visitors a much more complete view of your firm. Firm Listings link back to your website and produce about 200,000 impressions a year on with over 1,500 page reads each. This is a better value than you can get with Google Adwords. Get your firm signed upas a Holiday gift that will keep on generating awareness through 2016!

Auto-renew has been enabled for your Membership and Firm Listing purchases this quarter. Remember to select this option when renewing on-line for an easy, no-hassle membership experience.

George Lim,Chapter Chair Liaison to the Board, has been hard at work growing the chapters and approving new chapter chairs. Some of you might remember back to when we had only 6 SEGD chapters and that many chapter chairs. Today we have 24 chapterswith 52 fantastic, motivated volunteer chapter chairs(that brought a tear to outgoing Boston Chapter Chair, Michele Phelan’s eye this week!). Thank you Michele, so much, for all you have done building the Boston chapter. Did you know that the chaptershave held 84 events this year? Well done to all of our chapter leaders for stoking the community fires across the globe! Get details on your local chapter's holiday partyhere. You can see all the events the chapters hold on the past eventspage as well as the specific events in your local chapter at the chapterpage. While you're there, you may appreciate the latest upgrade we have made to the website. Now you can see the Global Design Awards that have been won in our chapter cities! This provides a new perspective on how the awards are geographically dispersed.

We say goodbye to our president, Jill Ayersof AIRSPACEat the end of 2015 and welcome John Lutz,Selbert Perkins DesignChicago as your new President and Bryan Meszarosof OpenEyeas your new VP for 2016-17. Jill has done a fantastic job running the board and supporting the growth and development of SEGD over the past two years while simultaneously starting her new firm, AIRSPACE. I realize I may be the only one who knows just how much time, effort and concern Jill has devoted to supporting SEGD and helping us to new records all around during her tenure. However, her legacy can be felt by all through the positive effect Jill has had on SEGD through the energy and renewed involvement of the membership, growth of the chapters (a key objective of her tenure as president) and improvements in programming, not to mention the slew of records SEGD has set the past two years! I can’t thank Jill enough for her fantastic support and the time that she has devoted to supporting SEGD and helping us reach and exceed our goals.

We have been down-sizing the board from 28 to 14 over the past three years in order to make it more collaborative and responsive, which has worked really well. As there are a number of board members reaching the end of their terms at the end of 2016, we have added two new board members for 2016 to ensure we have a good transition. Welcome to Kathy Fryof Mayer/Reedand Anna Sharpof Two Twelve!

Happy Holidays!

Clive Roux


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