CEO Update Q2, 2019: Austin Rocked

SEGD CEO Update Q2, 2019

This year's SEGD Annual Conference Experience Austin really rocked, but don't take my word for it. Take theirs.

"Absolutely wonderful conference! Inspiring, Relaxing and fun—great job!"

"Great organization—the main speakers' selection was great, especially in relation to the host city."

"It was my first conference and it blew me away, loved it!"

"As always, the conference ran smoothly and SEGD leadership and the local chapter did a phenomenal job picking great venues and making the experience fun and meaningful."


From the comments and survey feedback we have received, Leslie Wolkeand Grady Brown—our 2019 conference chairs—hit all the right notes, and even turned the volume up to "11." If you were there, you know what I mean. (If not, well, you can't say that we didn't try to convince you to go!) Thank you so much to Leslie and Grady for their amazing work in service of our community.

Wendy Colonna, a local musician, kicked off the event with a catchy tune she wrote thanking SEGD's sponsors, and, from that moment on it was clear we were in for something different in Austin. Larry Speck's keynoteon the development of Austin provided a fascinating view of the city. Herman Dyalran us through 50 years of cultural change in Austin, breaking into song as he ended his session. The trio of Curtis Roberts, Maija Kreishman and Susanne Harringtongave us deeper insight into the local design community and their own great work. But how does one wrap up such a great show? With the one-and-only, Paula Scher of Pentagram,our 2019 SEGD Fellow Award winner.

We asked Paula if she would speak to the younger, millennial half of our membership and conference audience. She gave a fantastic presentation spanning her career and describing how she found her way from working as a record sleeve designer, to becoming one of the most well known and accomplished experiential graphic design practitioners. Congratulations to Paula on being this years' SEGD Fellow, not to mention a constant inspiration to the EGD community!

Suffice to say, if you missed the conference this year, we have plenty for you to catch up on, but, if you only have time to watch one video—good luck choosing! I dare you not to laugh when you watch Evan Voyles presentationwhere he took DJ Stout's (Pentagram) presentationabout Lucy's Fried Chicken project and retold the story from the fabricator's side. 

You can find all of the conference speaker sessions as well as Academic Summit coverage in the SEGD Talks Gallery,Also, feel free to watch and peruse the Global Design Awards ceremony,the Global Design Award winners photo gallery,the Achievement Awards ceremonyand the Conference photo gallery.

Don Kiel was announced as the recipient of the Distinguished Member Award at the Achievement Awards ceremony. Don't recognize the name? If you have in any way participated in the SEGD Auction for Excellence, or admired the amazing posters on offer, Don is the one who has made so many of our items possible and been an SEGD supporter for many years. Don has retired from practice and is heading across the country from New York this summer. We wish you all the very best in your new journey, Don!

In the office, we're still deep in the weeds working on the new website: It's turned out to be a bigger project than expected. As compared to the rebuild in 2014, when we had fewer than 1,000 articles, we now have over: 6,000 articles, 20,000 images, 300 videos, 120 podcasts and a ton of upgraded functionality. The major upgrade in this evolution of the website is the creation of the professional development and career section of the site. This work constitutes a major part of the activities we are working on to implement the SEGD Strategic Plan to become a vital resource for the profession.

There are only two more inspirational SEGD education events left this year: Don't forget to register now for the amazing SEGD Wayfinding & Placemakingevent in Philadelphia on August 1+2 and for Xlab in November.

See you there!


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