CEO Update Q1, 2019: An SEGD Event Every 2.4 Days

Clive Roux, CEO SEGD, Q1 2019 CEO Update

There is an SEGD event somewhere in the world every 2.4 days. And, with 38 Chapters currently and more coming this year, it's become one of the liveliest design communities you can join.

This quarter, we added new Chapters in Houston and Orlando and have been approving many new Chapter Chairs, refreshing the leadership. Chapter Chairs, like the SEGD Board, can serve two consecutive terms of three years each before they are required to step down. However, they can come back after a year away for another two terms. Our chapters are run by 94 dedicated chapter chairs—volunteers creating local communities in your city!

The number of events is great news for the development of the experiential graphic design community. Strong local communities build a strong national and international presence for SEGD.

When SEGD was in its infancy in the late 70s and 80s, a group of about 80-100 Baby Boomers made up the nucleus of the emerging EGD profession. Many of them are the firm leaders you know and admire today. They built the profession through their volunteer efforts; SEGD survived, grew and thrived as a result.

Now, we are building the next generation of SEGD leaders. The Chapter Chair group represent the new leaders from the Millennials and Gen-Xers—the future leadership of the EGD profession.

There are many opportunities for the Chapter Chairs to interact, but one of the most important is at the SEGD Conference coming up the 6-8 June in Austin, Texas. Every year, we have three events at the SEGD Conference for the Chapter Chairs to get to know each other on a personal level and have fun—lots of fun. At last year’s Chapter dinner, the atmosphere was electric, but we aim to make that feel mild by comparison to this year in Austin. Two of the sessions are working sessions where we look for input, question what and how we do things and generally look at how the chapters can advance the promotion and development of EGD in their local communities.

As I write, Bryan Meszaros, our President, is in London attending a London Chapter meeting and supporting the local Chapter Chairs to develop our presence there. Over 90 people registered for the event and we look forward to many more exciting events there. I am in Beijing, continuing development work and building new relationships for SEGD in China.

Hats off to Board member and Chapter Chair Liaison, Kris Helmick, for stunning growth in the chapters over the past few years. It is an exciting job with plenty to do, but Kris has made a strong contribution to growing and supporting the chapters. Please let him know that you appreciate the hard work the next time you bump into him!

Work is still in progress on the new website. One area where we could use support is a new planned "Client Menu" tab. Every year, 12,000-18,000 potential/clients visit As we work on implementing our strategic plan of making SEGD a more vital resource for the community, we have been conscious that we need to support these potential clients—so that they can fully understand EGD and connect to our members and their firms—in better ways. We are already pushing thousands of potential clients out to our members' websites, but we feel we can do far more to support their journey to understanding and deploying resources more successfully. We are looking for articles contributed from the community that will help clients. Some of the topics we are looking for are:

  • Business case studies for EGD—What is the ROI?
  • Understanding the flow of an EGD project
  • The best way is to engage an EGD designer and or fabricator and at which stage in a project?
  • What type of research up front makes for a great project?
  • Setting expectations around metrics for EGD
  • Offer a standard RFP or at least examples of RFPs
  • …and many more tidbits (ideas welcome) that will support clients to have successful engagements with EGD

Can you help? Are you willing to write and contribute to this important section. If so, please contact Board member Julie Vogel who is coordinating the effort to create the Clients Tab content.

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