Carbtastic Chicago

Is "carbtastic" a word? Maybe you prefer "carbliscious"? Either way, we're taking a cruise on the good ship pizza, and no, it's not gluten-free

Pizza is a big thing in New York, but it's arguably a bigger thing in Chicago... well, thicker anyway. I recently discovered there are really three distinct types of pizza which most folks call "deep dish" or "Chicago-style": Deep Dish, Stuffed Pizza, and Pan Pizza. They each have distinct crust features, but it also bears mentioning that they all have their sauce on the outside. All three types are quite delectable, and easily found in Chicago. 

I'll employ the use of Haiku to explain the difference:


Deep Dish:

Thick and crumbly crust 

yummiest toppings abound

mozzarella love


Stuffed Pizza:

The flakiest crust

and an extra dough layer

so much happiness


Pan Pizza:

Sweet breaded thickness

Caramelized cheese ring

I've eaten too much


Boom! Now you know your Chicago pizza, and will look hip and suave in front of the locals. 

Since you'll be in town for the 2015 SEGD Conference Experienceyou should consider these options to expand your pizza palate (and possibly waist-line, don't worry, I'll be blogging about exercise later!) which are located conveniently close:


Pizano's Pizza & Pasta

Gino's East 

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

See you there June 4-6! 

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