Candidate Lutz - Man of the People

Chicago – The late-night crowd at hot dog stand Weiner’s Circle can be a bit boisterous, something that would intimidate most people. But Candidate John Lutz seems to find nourishment – literal and political – there. 


Lutz feels his favorite late-night eateryis a great showcase for his common touch. He says, “I’m a man of the American people, who appreciates American food that people eat and the people who eat it – especially if they’re registered voters!”

Responding to an inebriated sports-fan telling him to order some "real" food or get the (expletive) out of line, Lutz replied, “I love it! Let’s take that energy to the polls!”

Even though he recently tweeted that he can “see the future from my house", the candidate, whose slogan is #goingsomewhere, does not appear to know exactly where his campaign is going.

Despite the fog surrounding his campaign, one thing remains sure: The only semi-firm date on his calendar is a stop at the SEGD Conference in Chicago.

Time is running out! Get #goingsomewhere: meet the illusive Lutz, network, get inspired, celebrate great design, and have fun at the 2015 SEGD Conference Experience: Chicago June 4-6. 


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