2017 Q2 CEO Update: Introducing the NEW SEGD Toolbox

SEGD CEO Update Q2 2017: See the New SEGD Toolbox

The 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miami was a great event. It was well attended. And lots of fun, too! I'd like to extend a thank you to all who attended, sponsored, spoke and participated. There were so many highlights and moments of people enjoying themselves that we decided to create a photo gallery on the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miamipage. Enjoy!


Progress on the 2015-18 SEGD Strategic Plan

2017 is turning into another strong year for SEGD with a particular focus on further integrating the operations of SEGD and implementing the SEGD Strategic Plan for 2015-18. Over the past two years, we have been working on integrating all of our operations, membership data, customer relationship data, content and information into a single database.  The goal is for it to be used for the benefit of the membership and made available to members instead of just being used internally by the SEGD staff (or getting moth-eaten at the bottom of your bookshelf).

The 2015-18 Strategic Plan calls for SEGD to become a more vital resource for the profession in addition to being the association you know and love—the warmest, friendliest and most helpful design community. A big part of that stated goal is to deliver at least 50% (of the additional value we are creating for members) digitally.


How will SEGD achieve that?

  • By providing better information, search tools, benchmarking and reference information for the profession to work with.
  • By ensuring that participation in SEGD puts you, your firm and projects in front of a broader audience than you could access on your own.
  • By providing educational resources not available anywhere else to ensure that you and your studio keep learning and improving the core skills required to practice experiential graphic design.
  • By promoting and growing the field of experiential graphic design as well as the professionals, firms and projects who practice it.


Introducing the NEW SEGD Toolbox

At the conference, we introduced the new SEGD Toolbox. Members can connect to it by logging into the site, then clicking the "Members Toolbox" link in the right-hand column navigation on any segd.org page. Actually, it was a very badly kept secret as it went live a few weeks ago for testing and it has already been accessed by members a few thousand times!

The SEGD Toolbox represents the first manifestation of our Strategic Plan and a giant shift for SEGD toward a future that is based on solid digital value that can be accessed by any member, anywhere, anytime.

Inside the SEGD Toolbox you will find:

  • Search Apps
  • Benchmark Studies
  • Marketing Tools
  • Educational Resources


Take a look(P.S. Don't forget to log into the website!) and let us know what you think in the comments section below. Does it work well for you, or are there other things that you would love to see in the toolbox? Please provide feedback as this needs to be useful to you, the SEGD Member.

The SEGD Toolbox is like any other cloud-based platform. It launches as a starting point and a work in progress that will likely never be completed. We will continuously roll out new and improved versions of the Apps and Tools to help your design practice prosper.

In this first version of the SEGD Toolbox, there are four search apps, six surveys, marketing resources and all of the educational resources of the site collected in one easy-to-access place.


What's next?

One of the most striking points expressed in the results of the recent Skills Survey was how important it is to the profession's firm leaders to have a set of core competences that designers can work through to steadily grow their knowledge and skills in experiential graphic design. Actually, even more surprising was that the set of core skills included project, business and client relationship skills—not just design competences. This was a clear need for juniors, intermediate level designers and senior designers. In fact, it shows a clear competence roadmap for anyone who wants to advance their firm or profession.

These skills are precisely the things that we, as designers, do not learn at college. Creating a strong set of experiential graphic design core competence training materials is therefore high on SEGD's to-do list. The staff will be working with the Education Committee, Board, Chapters and outside experts to get these important training materials in place over the next year or two.

We are a long way from where we were just four years ago and are working hard toward ensuring that your association becomes an innovation leader. And that is how it should be for a design-driven association!

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