2017 Call for Papers for Communication+Place, Academic Summit

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The launch of SEGD’s 2016 academic research journal, Communication+Place, brought a host of new articles focusing on creative and educational research that furthers the foundations of experiential graphic design education. For the third year, Communication+Place has featured the latest peer-reviewed experiential design research innovation coming from leading global academic institutions. 

Joell Angel-Chumbley, Creative Lead at Kolar Design and Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati DAAP says of the experience, “As both an EGD practitioner and educator, The SEGD Academic Summit, Seattle, was a unique opportunity for me to co-present innovative research, curriculum development, and cross-disciplinary student projects among a diverse collection of international faculty, students, and professionals. The panel presentations and deep dialogues highlighted the importance of providing a platform for engaging educators, students, and practitioners in the conversation about where EGD education is heading, and bridging advancements in the field with leading-edge curricula development. This cross-pollination of thought leadership is critical to the success of preparing our students for the complexities of the field of experiential design." 

Every November, a call for papers is launched inviting academics, educators, researchers, and professionals to submit their paper abstracts that address the latest issues, trends, and innovation relevant to the field of experiential graphic design. Recent papers feature developments and advancements in design curriculum with a focus on interactive technology and place, service design as related to customer experience, urban innovation through dynamic brand and placemaking, and models for reinventing the experiential design classroom experience. 

The 2017 Academic Summit will be held on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, in Miami. This event brings together educators, students, research and practitioners from the field of experiential graphic design. “Our academic summit platform has evolved into a solid educational conference bringing the leaders in experiential graphic design education together to share their successes and spotlight where the field is going,” says Justin Molloy, SEGD’s Director of Education. “The feedback we have received from participants of this year’s summit in Seattle, many of which who are returning attendees to the summit, was resoundingly positive. Our goal is to continue to diversify our outreach and seek highly innovative educators to submit to the peer-reviewed paper process.” 

Leading the SEGD Academic Task Force is Christina Lyons, Assistant Professor and program chair at FIT’s Exhibition and Experience Design Graduate Program. “Christina brings a wealth of both academic and professional perspective to the group, and will play a role in shaping the 2017 summit program with a continued focus on encouraging emerging faculty who bridge digital and interactive experience design and integrate next generation platforms to the current educational experience,” adds Molloy. 

The deadline for the 2017 Academic Summit call for papers is Friday, March 3, 2017. 

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