2016 Experiential Graphic Design Census Released

Click to access the 2016 Design Census Report

In December 2016, SEGD partnered with AIGA, Google and others to produce a comprehensive Design Census.

Over 9,000 designers participated in the survey; 78 identified themselves as Experiential Graphic Designers. That does not sound like many, but the response is not that bad for our community!

SEGD has processed the data specific to the Experiential Graphic Design profession; it is available to members only as the 2016 Experiential Graphic Design Census.If you are a member, please log into the website to download and take advantage of this useful information.

The lower than expected number of responses from Experiential Graphic Designers means that the information in our census is 95% accurate within a five point spread, or margin of error. For example, if a question produced an answer of 35%, then we can say with 95% certainty that if all SEGD members responded to the question, the answer would have been between 30% and 40%.

This salary information, the first released by SEGD since 2008, is being released for firm leaders who make salary and benefit decisions.

You can also review the full surveyto benchmark the Experiential Graphic Design Results against the rest of the design profession. In general our data slice follows the trends in the full survey and offers a lot more detail.

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