10 Tips for Students Looking for a Job

SEGD's student group has more than doubled this year. Thank you and welcome to all our new student members! 

The Experiential Graphic Design profession is having a very busy year and growing strongly. This is good news for the jobs market. SEGD offers many ways for you to link to the profession and the profession to link to you, but a recent exchange with a student looking for a job suggested to us that many students aren't taking advantage of these connections. We can help with that!

Here are the top 10 ways for you to connect with Experiential Graphic Design professionals through SEGD:


  • Get your Member Bio on segd.org. While you’re looking for future employers and mentors, they may also be looking for you or at your bio – over 1,000 times a year! Your bio will rotate randomly on the right hand side of every one of our 3,000,000 page views annually. That is over 25,000 impressions a year! In addition, you will be featured in the Students Section that we will promote to all Design Consultancy leaders as the easiest place on the website to find students.
  • Troll the SEGD Job Bank for postings. Find out what skills and experience employers are looking for so you can align your education and resume.
  • Then search for member firms and names via the online SEGD Member Directory. Insert the city name and you will get a long list of members and their contact details. Much simpler than trawling the web! You can do this with the Search on the website itself as well. Our members are extremely open to students and people new to the field.
  • So use your SEGD membership to get in the door. Let them know who you are: a young SEGD member committed to entering the profession.
  • Find a mentor. Start with your Chapter Chair. How about someone who works in a firm that does what you want to do? Lure them out with coffee and pump them for inspiration and leads.
  • Get in for free! All SEGD events are free to student members. Every year, students find jobs by networking at SEGD events. You might share a seat with your next boss on the tour bus at the SEGD conference. They should be so lucky.
  • Bring your portfolio to the annual conference. There is a free portfolio review which is attended by many of our board members and other high-level designers all interested to help you and see what you have to offer them.
  • Enter the SEGD Global Design Awards – it’s free for students! If you’re a winner, your work will live forever on the SEGD website and be featured in our hard-copy annual.
  • Meet your local SEGD Chapter Chair. Attend Chapter events and start networking. Bring your friends!
  • Volunteer! Offer to take names at a Chapter event. Help stuff bags at the SEGD conference. (Our president and board members always stop by...a great chance to connect one on one.)

We also just added a new Student Galleryto the SEGD website. An 11th way to get you connected!

We've already seen a number of students from last year making their start in the profession through contacts made at SEGD events. Will you be next? At Xlab this November?

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