Blake Kishler

Blake Kishler is a Branded Environments Designer at Kolar Design in Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH

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Blake Kishler is a co-chair of the Cincinnati Chapter.

Blake Kishler is a Branded Environments Designer at Kolar Design in Cincinnati

Blake Kishler is an Industrial and Experiential Graphic Designer with an exhibit design background.

He is constantly working toward innovative new ways to translate brands and ideas into tactile, immersive experiences, with an emphasis on thoughtful technology integration. Blake Kishler is fluent in multiple 2D and 3D media to communicate design and strategy in project-appropriate and impactful methods.

Before joining Kolar Design Blake worked as Art Director for Exhibitpro.

Blake Kishler earned his Bachelor of Science (BS) in Design with distinction in Industrial Design from the Ohio State University

Kolar Design's methodology is marked by collaboration, understanding, and a holistic approach. Kolar work with their clients to design places and processes that create a total experience for the people their customers care about - their customers, staff, visitors, associates, clients, and community. Kolar's Design process starts by listening to their clients and to the people who use ytheir spaces. Kolar believes that listening leads to understanding; from understanding Kolar Design creates an environment that attracts, informs, communicates, and inspires.

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Blake Kishler's Sketchbook

Blake Kishler's Sketchbook
Blake Kishler's Sketchbook

Monday Doodles: Turning a Passion for Sketching into a Tool for Design
Read Time: 2 minutes

SEGD member and Cincinnati Chapter Co-Chair, Blake Kishler is an industrial and experiential graphic designer with a background in exhibition design. In addition to his day job at Kolar Design in Cincinnati, Ohio, Blake is also an avid sketcher and illustrator. Here’s what Blake has to say about his “Monday Doodles” and how these fun sketches strengthen the brain muscle and stimulate the design process.

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