Beyond the Binary: Setting the Wayfinding Standard for Inclusive Restrooms, Carla Ramirez Sosa and Anna de Jonge


To those accustomed to standard public restrooms (divided by “Men” and “Women”), the idea of an all-inclusive restroom (accommodating people of all sexes and genders) might make many uncomfortable! But Carla Ramirez Sosa and Anna de Jonge (Mijksenaar USA) present their firm’s recent designs for all-gender restrooms inside Amsterdam’s Schipol International Airport based on comprehensive audience research. You can learn more about “Beyond the Binary” in this SEGD article.

Carla Ramirez Sosais a multidisciplinary designer exploring design’s potential to further social, cultural and ecological goals towards an equitable and livable future. As a Designer at Mijksenaar USA, Carla brings this passion and her background in industrial design and sustainability to create meaningful wayfinding experiences. She has worked across a variety of sectors ranging from airports, transportation hubs, tech campuses and government. Carla is also co-author of Mijksenaar’s Beyond the Binarywhitepaper and wayfinding design toolkit for inclusive restrooms.

Anna de Jongeis a Design Lead at Mijksenaar, with experience in a variety of client sectors, on projects ranging from small museums to hospitals and rail systems. During her Integrated Product Design Master’s program at Delft University of Technology, Anna developed a passion for design for public spaces; creating products that fit well in their (cultural) surroundings and can be used by a wide variety of people. Her graduation project was a design toolkit for museums, which helps them to create more sustainable and visitor-focused exhibitions. Anna is also the co-author of Mijksenaar’s Beyond the Binary whitepaper, along with the development of a wayfinding design toolkit for inclusive restrooms.

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