Bethany Armstrong

Bethany Armstrong, SCAD
Savannah, GA

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Bethany Armstrong is a professor of Graphic Design and UX at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). Her courses include:

  • Graphic Design: Graduate and Undergraduate Studies, Mentoring, Interface Design, App Design, Digital Publication Design, Typography.
  • UX Design Studio II: The Complexity of Simplicity - In this advanced studio, students generate digital prototypes that translate complex tasks and sets of information into simple, understandable, and intuitive digital interfaces to the user. GRDS
  • Interface Design (UX): Students take a broad view of the role of a designer in understanding human experience and interaction with interfaces; from analog to digital, students redefine the shape, purpose, and organization of interfaces through surveys, testing, planning, retesting, rapid-prototyping and pitching.


Bethany Armstrong was a part of the SCAD+Google team, and in an advisory role, for the SCAD+Google Collaborative Learning Center project, Fall 2015. She also had a professor role for the Savannah Economic Development Authority— SEDA+Visit Savannah+SCAD, Collaborative Learning Center project in Winter 2016. 

Bethany Armstrong is also a graphic designer for major motion pictures, specializing in set-dressing and props, working alongside the Art Director, Production Designer, Prop Master, and Set Decorator. She specializes in research, is a period designer, designs signs, and writes production materials.

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