Beth Gibson

Beth Gibson is an Exhibit Designer at Pacific Science Center in Seattle.

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Beth Gibson is an Exhibit Designer at Pacific Science Center in Seattle with 5+ years of experience.

Beth Gibson has her Masters Degree in Environmental Studies fro the University of Montana. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications from Miami University. Beth Gibson also completed a Professional Sequence in Graphic Design from UC Berkeley's Extension Program.

While at the University of Montana, Beth Gibson completed a Master's Thesis called Rooted.Rooted tells the stories of a new generation of farmers and ranchers in Montana through still photography and written profiles. Beth began this project in the spring of 2010 as an assignment for a photo-documentary journalism course at the University of Montana. At the end of that course, there was more that she wanted to do, so she extended Rooted to include other farmers, and it has become her professional paper, culminating my graduate work in the Environmental Studies Program. Rooted is the result of 13 site visits and interviews with new farmers and ranchers in Montana.

Beth Gibson's other projects include exhibit designs, illustration for exhibits and posters, and printmaking. 

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See her work at Pacific Science Center.


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