Best of the Best SEGD Content in 2015

So much great content, so little time! At SEGD, we’ve created more than 500 new articles in 2015 alone. To save you some time, we compiled a greatest-hits list of the top 20 articles, presentations and videos from SEGD events, the website and eg magazine. Think of it as your 2015 SEGD CliffsNotes!

Here are our picks for your enjoyment. If you disagree (and why not, we all have opinions and others may appreciate hearing yours), please post to the comments below stating what content you felt was more interesting.

  1. At Xlab 2015, Brad Gleeson(Civiq) and Mike Clare(Intersection/Control Group) explain the LinkNYC initiative, the first substantial practical step toward Smart Cities. The talk sheds light on how new business models will impact Experiential Graphic Design.
  2. Also at Xlab 2015, Jared Ficklin(argodesign) used experience prototypes to demonstrate some of the challenges of creating new interface paradigms for the environment. This was by far the most entertaining and possibly the most thought-provoking talk of the year.
  3. Wayfinding and the Internet of Place:Smart wayfinding technology from eg magazine (eg 12, 2015). Perhaps the most "traditional" of XGD practices areas is undergoing technology-enabled service innovations at a rapid rate.
  4. Tim Fendley (Applied) on what's next for Legible Cities(eg12, 2015)
  5. Mike Rawlinson(City ID) at the 2015 SEGD Conference: Wayfinding 2.0 has arrived! Innovations in the wayfinding service offer are being rolled out in a major city near you! How is your service innovation coming on?
  6. Tim Fendley(Applied) explains how his firm has integrated digital technologies into their workflow to make heads-up mapping, a clear advantage in creating Legible Cities, part of their service offer.
  7. Tim McNeil's sketchbook(eg12, pgs. 68-9) demonstrates how he uses sketching in his work and as a visual record of his travels.
  8. eg magazine's "Work and Play" issue (eg13, 2015) focused on one of the hot spots in Experiential Graphic Design in recent years: workplace environments. The cover story was on Panasonic'snew headquarters, a high-impact space designed by Graham Hanson Design.  
  9. Futurist David Zach in his talk Taming Great Expectationssays the future is moving toward the designer's way of thinking. It's not so bad to be a pirate, you know! Watch this because it is entertaining and relevant to your future!
  10. Sam Stubblefield(NBBJ) demonstrates the "new materials" of Experiential Graphic Design: code, sound, content, etc.
  11. Nik Hafermaas (Ueberall) shows us how to innovate with a digital art prototype using a relatively new material, E-Ink, introduced at the SEGD Conference: Experience Chicago.
  12. Darren David(Stimulant) eloquently describes the unfolding future for Experiential Graphic Design and provides a great summary of many of the ground-breaking digital experimentsshaping the future of Experiential Graphic Design. 
  13. Don Meeker,SEGD's 2015 Fellow,chronicles a life of research-based, "activist" design.
  14. With her presentation at the Be (Branded Environments) event, Lucy Holmes (Holmes Wood) says Be playful.It's about breathing life into brands.
  15. Peter Dixon and Maria Tazi (Prophet) describe how they're employing user research to improve the results of healthcare projects.
  16. The 2015 issue of the SEGD academic research journal Communication + Placefeatures articles on topics ranging from signage design that promotes user interaction to how Environmental Graphic Design and Experiential Graphic Design can help reinvigorate business districts in small towns.
  17. See the SEGD year in photographs. Robin Lopez,a student member from Moscow, Idaho, crisscrossed the country by road documenting SEGD workshops and conferences. Check out this gallery for his beautiful photographs and some familiar faces.
  18. Studentslanding page, new in 2015. SEGD Students are the future of the profession, and here is where you can find them. Internship anyone?
  19. Mark VanderKlipp (Corbin Design) discusses Ownership and Leadership Transitionsin this talk from SEGD's first-ever Business of Design Workshop.
  20. Top 20 Wayfinding Projects Since 2000provides a quick overview of important steps made in the practice of wayfinding in the new millennium.

You'll find more great content in your areas of interest in SEGD's Xplore Experiential Graphic Designindex.

What was your favorite article, talk or presentation from SEGD in 2015? Add your comments below!


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