Ben Kilmer

Ben Kilmer is the VP of Business Development at PhotoWorks Group in Charlottesville, VA.
Charlottesville, VA

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Ben Kilmer is the VP of Business Development at PhotoWorks Group in Charlottesville, VA. 

The competitive market in today’s world demands a strong brand identity with bold visual communications.

PhotoWorksGroup has the expertise to bring your concepts to life with large format graphics and fabricated displays made for architectural signage, environmental graphics, interiors, and trade shows. With the experience and knowledge in building, design, construction, and a strong aesthetic commitment; PhotoWorksGroup has capability for project management and production, from inception to installation.

Founded in 1986, PhotoWorkGroup began as a small group of visually gifted problem solvers who loved to dream big. Expanding  with the changing market was a constant theme with PhotoWorksGroup, who continually expanded their knowledge and menu of services. Their all inclusive services provided under one roof include large format graphics, exhibits, displays and signs.

Twenty-nine years of service has given rise to the technical expertise and aesthetic considerations when it comes to assisting you with your unique challenges. PhotoWorksGroup prides itself in partnering with each client to serve and surpass your project’s purpose and expectations.  They work with architects, interior designers, advertising agencies, museums, universities, hospitality industries, and diverse manufacturers and corporations.

Ben Kilmer graduated Cum Laude from James Madison University with a BBA in Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship.  

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