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On the evening of Mother’s Day May 9th, in order to commemorate the great architect Re Corbusier, the drama "Looking for Re Corbusier-A Home for Mother" was performed successfully in Beijing. It was planned, written and organized by Mr. Liu Yuguang, who is the outstanding alumni of Tongji University , and it was sponsored by Beijing SHIYU and SEGD Beijing Chapter. Many alumni participated in the performance.


Liu Yuguang, a Master of Architecture from Tongji University admitted in 1994, has participated in many well-known domestic architectural designs, such as the Beijing Phoenix Center and the Chinese Embassy in Australia. The venue for this performance is one of his work, it is next to Tianning Temple in Beijing Xicheng District, and that originally was the Beijing Second Thermal Power Plant, now became “Tianning No. 1 Industrial Park".


The lakeside cottage built by Re Corbusier for his parents in his early years became the important milestone in his realization of the architect's dream, and with his mother's support he has became a master architect from an obscure decorator. The house Re Corbusier built for his mother contained his love for his mother. This lakeside house with the imprint of modern architecture also became the best gift he gave to his mother. It called "Mother's House" later by the world. ". Re Corbusier used this house as the material to write the book “Vers Une Architecture", and put forward the five important elements of architectural in the book, which laid the foundation for later modern architects.


Sponsored by the Beijing Society of Women Architects, this event reproduced the story of Re Corbusier from entering the construction industry to a master of design in the form of a multi-act melodrama. By comparing Re Corbusier's design theory with today's architectural design and construction technology, it demonstrates the influence of his architectural theory on modern times. To understand the life story of the master and explore the spirit of modern architecture advocated by the master, we jointly created a meaningful experience of Mother's Day theme activities.


As the second time for the SEGD Beijing branch to co-organize the "Looking for Re Corbusier" theme event, we will hold more offline events and seminars in the future, gather more professional designers and design enthusiasts, and provide more opportunities and platforms to share and  exchanges experiences and ideas.



As one of great architects of the 20th century, Re Corbusier was the main advocator of modernist architecture. He proposed the famous five elements of architecture from the design of the house built for his mother, which was a solid foundation for later modern architects.

To commemorate this great architect, Beijing SHIYU and SEGD Beijing Branch co-organize the Mother's Day Event "Looking for Re Corbusier | Home for Mother". On the night of Mother's Day in 2021, a multi-act stage play will be presented in the Little Theater of Tianning No.1 in Beijing. Architects, scientists, artists and people from different areas will attend and perform, and they will integrate science, art and design to create a new design spirit belonging to our times. 

Corbusier and his mother

Activity theme: "Looking for Re Corbusier | Home for Mother"

Activity time: 19: 30 on May 9 (Sunday)

Activity venue: Little Theatre 32#, Tianning No.1 Technological Innovation Park, Lianhuachi East Rd, Xicheng District, Beijing 

Activity sitcom:

Act 1 The 17-year-old Architect

Act 2 Towards New Architecture

Act 3 Learning from Machines

Act 4 Travel to the East

Act 5 Dream of A Century

Act 6 Mother's Home


SEGD Beijing Chapter is the co-host of ¨Re Corbusier¨ event –Remembering Corbusier’s 55th death anniversary. 

On 27th August 1965, the French-Swiss architect and the founder of modernist architecture --Le Corbusier, passed away while swimming on the Cote d'Azur in southern France. The year 2020 is the 55th anniversary of his death, as well as the 100-year anniversary of his ¨Towards new buildings¨ spirit. 

To commemorate this great creator in human history-architect/urban planner/writer/painter/poet/social activist/industrial designer, SEGD Beijing chapter assist the Fan Group of Re Corbusier and co-host the remembering event, through which will recall the studying, working and living scenarios of the master, with the hope to find the new spirit belongs to the new era and the master himself.


Event theme: Looking for Corbusier -- Remembering the 55th Anniversary of Corbusier’s death.

Time: 29th August 2020 Saturday  14:30-18:00 ( Beijing Time) 

Venue: Theatre of No.1 Technology Innovation Park, East Lianhuachi Rd, Xicheng DC, Beijing 

Event Program:

14:30: Host opening words and introduction of guests

Initiator of event:  Yuguang Liu  Vice Architect Director of Beijing Architect Design Research Institute

Guest host: Xiaojia Wang  News broadcaster of Beijing Radio / Broadcasting Supervisor

15:00 Part I: Sitcom - Looking for Corbusier  

15:30 Part ll: Guest lectures 

15:30-16:00    Urban theory and practice of Corbusier  

Lei Liu, Chairman, China France Creation Society China Region

16:00-17:00   Is Marceille apartment cruise ship?

Shan Tu, Associate professor, Art School of Tsinghua University 

17:00-17:20   How buildings affect traffic tool design

Ge Yin, Car outfit designer 

17:20-17:40   Re Corbusier and his classic furniture

Junyu Chen, Visual consultant, Cassina iV

17:40 PartⅢ:Tea break and networking

18:00 PartⅣ:Tour of Tianning No.1 Park

Call for References: Collection of Indoor Detail Design

Hello SEGD!

The SEGD Beijing Chapter is working on a new book “Collection of Indoor Detail Design—Public Building Wayfinding Signage System", initiated by the China Architect Design Research Institute, Beijing Architect University, and Beijing ShiYu Four-Dimension Wayfinding System Planning &Designing Co., Ltd. This book is jointly prepared and published by the China Architect Industry Publishing House and Indoor Design  Branch  Institute  of  China  Architect Institute.

This book will cover office, education, exhibition, theater, medical, sports, commercial and traffic buildings. The main contents derive from architect space, operational process, signage system and maintenance etc. Emphasis will be on wayfinding system as one of the key supporting work of indoor design for public buildings and indoor space, and highlights the wayfinding system planning and design demands, principles, design process and methods. This book is an important tool for professionals such as indoor designers, wayfinding designers, and signage engineers.

We are collecting references from office, education, exhibition, theatre, medical, commercial and traffic buildings, the materials can be both/either drawings and/or on-site photos.

Click on this link to get full information for submission.

Please send all materials to our contact person Ms. Duo Wang. We will select and confirm with the designers if their material will be accepted and published in the book. The designer’s information will be published together with their references.

Contact person: Ms.Duo Wang
Tel. +86 139 1034 1877
E-mail: [email protected] Deadline for sending material is 15th April 2020.

ShiYu Editing Team
Jingjing Li

Co-chair of SEGD Beijing Chapter 


SEGD participated Beijing Design Week 


The SEGD exhibition area is located at the right side of the perception of the city exhibition area. The show zone is facing the exhibition entrance and close to the design week forum.

• The entire exhibition consists of three parts:

1.SEGD and SEGD Beijing Introduction, SEGDBeijing WeChat account recommendation

2.SEGD Branded Environments and Exhibitions case sharing

3.SEGD Multimedia Installations and Wayfinding case sharing.



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