Becky Hansis-O'Neill

Becky Hansis-O'Neill is a Senior Exhibit Producer at Ideum in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Exploring Pueblo Pottery
Exploring Pueblo Pottery

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Becky Hansis-O'Neill is a Senior Exhibit Producer at Ideum in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

At Ideum Becky Hansis-O'Neill is responsible for project managment for digital exhibits. She also provides content specialist services for STEM subject matter and is a photographer for Ideum when needed.

Before Becky Hansis-O'Neill joined Ideum in 2017 she worked at the Idaho Museum of Natural History as an Education Specialist where she was responsible for:

  • Developing and managing all aspects of the educational programming, field trips, and outreach for the museum
  • Writing text for educational materials, signage, website, grants, and press releases
  • Advertising museum programming on website, facebook, instagram, and Youtube
  • Managing content on website using Wordpress
  • Managing education budgets
  • Photography and videography as needed
  • Designing and implementing digital interactive displays in gallery spaces

Becky Hansis-O'Neill has also been a Sports Film crew Technician at Idaho State University and a Silviculturalist/Ecologist at Sundance Consulting among many other interesting jobs.


Becky is active in the conservation movement and has volunteered in many groups in Idaho.

Becky graduated with a Master of Science (MS) in Biology/Biological Sciences from Idaho State University and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology.

Connect with Becky Hansis-O'Neill on LinkedIn.

See her work at Ideum.

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