Becca Beswick

Becca Beswick

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Becca Beswick is an Environmental Graphic Designer at Gresham, Smith and Partners. She previously worked at Catalyst Exhibits. As a graphic designer, Becca Beswick created and produced large-scale environmental graphics for both tradeshow exhibits and commercial installations. She collaborated with graphic, industrial, and interior designers to create immersive, branded experiences across industries including healthcare, manufacturing, consumer electronics, and financial.

Becca Beswick received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. During that time, Becca was a graphic design intern at the Bettendorf Family Museum where she created marketing materials for exhibit rentals and assisted in design solutions for exhibit renovations.

"As an enthusiast of tacos, the alignment tools and Bruce Springsteen, a perfect day for me consists of filtering 3am ideas and inspirations into fresh, engaging and compelling designs. Spending my days and nights pushing pixels to the perfect soundtrack, I enjoy turning complex problems into simple and unique solutions. My work focuses largely on wayfinding and communication strategy where storytelling reigns queen. Born and raised in the Midwest, I've learned to streamline solutions to overcome obstacles like the monotony of cornfields and last-minute client edits."

View more of Becca Bewick's work at Gresham, Smith and Partnersand on her portfolio. Connect with Becca on LinkedIn.


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