Be an Xplorer at SEGD Digital Camps

Being an experiential graphic designer these days is like being an explorer—charting the course of your business or career, scanning the horizon for new opportunities, and scouting the right tools and skills to take advantages of those opportunities. That’s what SEGD’s Xplorer Digital Camps are all about: making sure you’re prepared for the increasingly digital and data-enabled projects in your future. 

Justin Molloy, SEGD Director of Education and Creative Director, worked with design and technology leaders to create a one-day course that will bring EGD/XGD practitioners up to speed on the digital skills they need NOW and in the coming years. The camps are happening July 23 in Philadelphiaand August 6 in Seattle.

We talked to Justin about the bi-coastal camps this week.

What was the big idea behind the SEGD Xplorer Digital Camps?

They are really the Digital 101 Bootcamp for EGD/XGD practitioners. We got input from design and technology leaders, SEGD members, and past workshop attendees and learned there’s a huge demand for this kind of information in our community. So we designed a course to cover the basics.

Can you be more specific? What will the workshops cover?

They’ll cover the latest technologies and methods for developing digital experiences. We realize not everyone is doing digital projects yet, but if you’re not doing them now, or at least preparing yourself, you’re missing out on some huge opportunities.

The camps are designed to provide you with basic-level understanding of some key competencies you should be preparing yourself to offer your clients:

+ Creating time-based media using images, type, and video content
+ Using data and making code
+ Screens and projection
+ Sensors and devices
+ Designing dynamic media generated from surfaces, algorithmic interpolation and real-time data
+ Integrating your content in space using various display formats and content management systems
+ Using interactive content in your designs and sensors to track, provide feedback and trigger dynamic content
+ Organizing and managing a digital project team

Who should attend?

We designed these camps for beginners to intermediate level. If you don’t yet “speak digital” but would like to, this is your place to achieve a basic understanding of the vocabulary and identify the technologies you should know more about. If you’re at the intermediate level—that is, you’ve done some digital work but know enough to know you should know more (!), come to strengthen your skills and get more indepth information on specific technologies and platforms. And if you’re closer to “expert” level, well, congratulations! But you’ll want to attend one of the camps for a brush-up or to see what everybody else is up to.

Who is teaching the workshops?

We’ve assembled two fantastic rosters of designers and tech experts who can help you prepare for your next (or first) digital projects. In Philadelphia, our instructors include Josh Goldblumfrom award-winning digital agency Bluecadet (Aligning Content, Platform & Purpose); Chris Whalenand John Morenafrom OpenEye Global (Images, Type & Video); David Bianciardiof AV&C (Screens, Projection & Connecting to Content); and Brad Baer,Bluecadet (Blurring the Lines Between Space & Content).

If you choose the Seattle workshop August 6, you can learn from the likes of Sam Stubblefield, NBBJ (Sensors); Christian Marc Schmidt, Schema (Devices); David Mayman, Gensler (Data & Code); Julie Guirl, Gensler, and Rachel Fujita, RFXD (Image, Type & Video); and more!

Why the bi-coastal locations?

Two reasons. First, we wanted to make sure the workshops would be accessible to most of our members. Second, we wanted to keep the class sizes limited so participants can have a very hands-on experience. Keeping the class sizes small allows attendees to really connect with each other and with the instructors, and that makes for a great experience. 

The Xplorer East happens at Bluecadet's Philadelphia offices on July 23. Xplorer West will be held at NBBJ's offices in Seattle August 6. 

So how do people sign up?

You can register for Xplorer East in Philadelphia July 23 at or Xplorer West in Seattle August 6 at We really hope to see you there!

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