Büro North Brings Pedestrian Traffic Lights Down to Earth

Buro North Smart Tactive Paving

A population boom in major Australian cities has seen a startling increase in both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Steadily growing mobile phone use has seen pedestrian deaths and accidents soar. One in seven fatalities on Australian roads is a pedestrian. In the last year, 165 pedestrians died on Australia’s roads. Around 3,500 pedestrians are seriously injured each year.

In Australia, one in three pedestrians use a mobile phone while crossing roads. Studies find mobile phone use reduces the user’s normal field of vision by 95 percent. It compromises situational awareness, attentional processes, visual and aural perceptual processes, information processing and decision-making. It exposes pedestrians to greater risk of an accident.

The economic cost of pedestrian accidents to the Australian community exceeds $1 billion annually. This doesn’t begin to account for the emotional toll pedestrian accidents take on those involved and their families and friends.

Cities, planners and policy makers must do more. Rather than attempting to modify behavior by legislation or punitive laws that will ultimately prove futile, Büro North wants to make cities safer by design.

By utilizing existing infrastructure, Smart Tactile Paving™ by Büro North brings pedestrian traffic lights down to earth.

Smart Tactile Paving™ by Büro North keeps pedestrians using mobile phones safer by highlighting traffic messaging within their diminished field of vision.

Check out videoof Büro North's Smart Tactile Paving™.

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