Büro North Announces New Directors

Büro North Announces New Directors

Büro North recently announced the appointment of two new directors, Brooke Murray and Chris Thorpe.

Brooke and Chris have played an integral role in developing Büro North’s leadership position in the user experience and wayfinding sectors over the last few years. These promotions recognize their significant contribution to the business in an exciting period of national growth and development for Büro North. 

Brooke joined Büro North four years ago and has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to growing her role and responsibilities while supporting the development of others within the studio. In recognition of Brooke’s commitment to the culture, creativity and financials of the business, her new appointment as Managing Director reflects the importance and value of her impact within the studio.

Two years ago, Chris joined Büro North and has transformed their approach to collaboration and co-design with their clients. Chris brings a deep passion for crafting visitor experiences across a range of contexts, with experience on major railroad, infrastructure, urban, education, retail, cultural institutional and most recently, aviation projects through Büro North’s work in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Airports. To reflect Chris’s continued commitment to the studio and their clients, his new appointment as Experience Director recognizes his role in their future.

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