Ayannah Buford

Ayannah Buford, B.Brilliant
Washington D.C.

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"A well-designed experience should help you live your best life..."

Ayannah Buford is CEO and Creative Director of B.Brilliant, an experience design company for places and spaces in the commercial real estate industry.

Before Ayannah began bringing her services to the development and multifamily property industry, she spent 10 years as a systems engineer, user experience (UX) designer, and product manager for the federal government. Ayannah enjoyed her work designing web and mobile applications, re-engineer technology processes, developing strategies and roadmaps, and managing the delivery of medium-to-large scale technology projects.

Ayannah Buford worked for the largest defense contractor in the world and a Big 4 consulting firm. She has learned a tremendous amount about how to help an organization tell a new story that improves employee engagement, helps users accomplish their goals, and add thousands or millions to the bottom line.

Ayannah Buford works best with developers and property managers who are excited about investing in quality services and discovering creative and engaging ways to create a positive environment for their residents. If you’re looking to improve your online presence and customer experiences, she thinks you'll make a great team.

View more of Ayannah Buford's work at B.Brilliant. Connect with Ayannah on linkedIn.



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