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Images from the 2019 Global Design Awards Ceremony

2020 winners will be announced and celebrated at a dedicated SEGD Global Design Awards ceremony, to be presented virtually in the summer of 2020.


Until then, check out the 2019 SEGD Global Design Awards winners - and mark your calendar for December, when the 2021 SEGD Global Design Awards Entry Portal will open!

Since 1987, the SEGD Global Design Awards have set the standard of excellence for experiential graphic design—honoring design work that connects people to place by providing direction, content, and compelling experiences in public spaces.

Winning projects have ranged from interactive multimedia environments to complex hospital wayfinding systems and from branded corporate environments to museum exhibitions. Retail and interior projects, architectural signing, public art, design research, and books have also won awards. Students compete along with professionals and often win Merit and Honor awards. The prestigious Best of Show award shines a spotlight on the winner brighter than any other SEGD accolade.

Awards are conferred by multi-disciplinary, international juries. Past jurors have included Henry Beer, Peter Dixon, Sue Gould, Graham Hanson, Lars Uwe Bleher, David Vanden-Eynden, Kelly Kolar, Ken Carbone, Mitchell Mauk, Ronald Shakespear, David Gibson, Paul Prejza, Lance Wyman, and Virginia Gehshan.


  Referenced projects during the webinar: Aluksne Banitis Station, Skyline Wayfinding   

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Images from the 2019 Global Design Awards


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Meet the 2020 SEGD Global Design Awards Jury
Inguna Elere Design Studio H2E, Co-founder and Chief Design Officer
Inguna Elere
Cynthia Jones Park, Jones Worley
Cynthia Jones Parks
Traci Sym, Second Story Headshot
Traci Sym
Joe Lawton
Joe Lawton
Darlene van Uden, Infinite Scale
Darlene van Uden
Bosco Hernández is Design Director at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)
Bosco Hernandez
Nadia Tran
Nadia Tran
Jonathan Jackson is a Partner at WSDIA | WeShouldDoItAll in Brooklyn, New York.
Jonathan Jackson
Chad Hutson, Leviathan
Chad Hutson
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Click to Access the 2019 Submission Guidelines
A Jury’s Journey: 2020 SEGD Global Design Awards

A Jury’s Journey: 2020 SEGD Global Design Awards

Read Time: 7 minutes

In early March, nine professionals embarked on a multifaceted journey to define excellence in the experiential graphic design field. The international jury for the 2020 Awards traveled from as near as New York and as far as Riga, Latvia to convene in Washington, D.C. last Thursday through Saturday: This is the story of their multi-day process.

7 Reasons to Resubmit in 2020

7 Reasons to Resubmit in 2020

Read Time: 5.5 minutes
You know that oft-quoted idiom: If at first, you don't succeed, try, try again? Well, every year, there's a new SEGD Global Design Awards jury, which means a new, totally different opportunity to try—and win!

The 2020 SEGD Global Design Awards entry deadline in Valentine's Day, Friday.

A Very Lovely Holiday Deadline

Read Time: 2 minutes
Here is just a friendly reminder for those of you in relationships; your significant other deserves chocolates and flowers this Friday since it is, in fact, a very special day—a holiday really. That is, of course, the day you will be submitting your 2020 SEGD Global Design Awards project(s)!

Top Firms Explain Why They Choose to Enter the SEGD Global Design Awards

Top Firms Explain Why They Enter the SEGD Global Design Awards

Read Time: 3 minutes
We asked some of the world’s leading experiential graphic design firms: Why do you enter your work in the SEGD Global Design Awards? Here’s what they had to say about why they participate in the awards program year after year...

Takes One to Know One—9 Winning Projects and People to Know

Takes One to Know One—9 Winning Projects and People to Know

Read Time: 10.5 minutes

Every year, an impressive and multidisciplinary group of people gather in Washington DC to  preside over a jury process that identifies excellence in design—in 2020, they represent experiential graphic design, architecture, landscape architecture, graphic design, media development and branding—and these nine bring a ton of winning project know-how to the process.

5 Years of Best of Show Awards Elevating EGD Practice

5 Years of Best of Show Awards Elevating EGD Practice

Read Time: 7 minutes

A lot has happened in the last 33 years, but one thing remains the same: The SEGD Global Design Awards program is still a key indicator of how the practice of experiential graphic design is evolving by annually setting the bar for excellence in the field.

2020 Global Design Awards Categories Explained

2020 GDA Categories: Where Does Your Project Belong?

Read Time: 4 minutes

As the only international design awards program focused solely on experiential graphic design, the SEGD Global Design Awardsseek out and recognize the world’s best examples of experiences designed to connect people to place.

(Photo grid with 2019 Global Design Award-winners.) The Global Design Awards deadline is January 31, 2020.

Best Practices for Preparing a Winning Entry

Read Time: 3.5 minutes
The entry portal for the 2020 SEGD Global Design Awards is brand spanking new so it's easier than ever to enter your projects! Even still, here are some best practices to keep in mind when entering or reentering your project(s) to help them rise to the top. Here's to helping you get started and increase your chances of winning!

2020 Global Design Awards Jury

2020 SEGD Global Design Awards Jury Announced

Read Time: 3.5 minutes

Traci Sym, founding principal at +&> (Portland, Ore.) leads a multidisciplinary jury of acclaimed professionals, which includes 2019 Best of Show winner Inguna Elere.

Global Design Awards Entries are Open

2020 SEGD Global Design Awards Entries Open Friday, Dec. 13!

Read Time: 2.5 minutes

Awards to honor excellence in experiential graphic design connecting people to place

WASHINGTON, DC (Dec. 11, 2019)—The 2020 SEGD Global Design Awards, the only international awards program focused on user experiences in the built environment, has officially opened for entries as of Friday, Dec. 13, 2019.

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