Austin Frith

Austin Frith, Dallas Chapter Co-Chair

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Austin Frith is a co-chair of the SEGD Dallas Chapter.

Austin Frith's goal as chapter co-chair is to provide the SEGD DFW Chapter with leadership that will help grow the local chapter membership while providing networking and education events that benefit local SEGD members.

Austin Frith's background in graphic design and landscape architecture has allowed him to grow his knowledge and sensitivities toward creating a moving experience through graphic and spatial design. His current work experience at a large hub International airport, provides day-to-day challenges and opportunities to grow his skills while applying good design decisions specific to the end-user groups. As a Landscape Architecture major at Louisiana State University, Austin Frith worked on a wide range of small-scale and large-scale projects, allowing him to gain sensitivity toward holistic and detail design. Upon graduation, Austin Frith relocated to the D/FW area working for HNTB in their Urban Design and Planning office. This experience allowed him to work on public and private projects including hike and bike trails and major sports complexes.  Both of these types of projects had many challenges, which included designing spaces that would have detailed experiences. He was given the opportunity to help design detail elements such as entry monuments and signage that included branding elements.  As he moved on into my career he decided to venture back into my love for aviation and he set out to explore how he could integrate his skillset into the aviation world. For four years now, Austin Frith has been involved in creating and influencing design decisions based on elevating the customer experience at DFW. This has been an exciting environment to work in as it has revealed many challenges including multiple languages and 24/7 operations. This experience has provided Austin Frith to develop a more holistic view of the world and how much influence experiential design has on the entire world.

Volunteer Activities - Habitat for Humanity, Bike DFW

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