What Does SEGD, the Association do?

Opportunities to Network

SEGD offers many opportunities for networking, knowledge-sharing and connecting with fellow experiential graphic design practitioners. SEGD's Community of over 2,300 members consists of about 70% designers and 30% industry members (fabricators and vendors)

Educational Events

SEGD offers a robust calendar of professional development activities, including physical events, an academic summit and conference, local chapter events and webinars that allow participants to learn and share. The targeted single practice area physical events such as Wayfinding, Branded Environments, The Business of Design, Exhibition and Experience Design, Xplorer and Xlab allow the various communities of practice to meet and discuss the issues, developments and projects happening in their area.

SEGD Conference

The annual SEGD Conference is the gathering of the full breadth of the experiential graphic design community. It is the only international event focused on creating experiences that connect people and place in the built environment. It is the place where multiple design disciplines converge and where design professionals, vendors and fabricators who create compelling and information-rich spaces go for inspiration, education and networking. The SEGD Academic Summit is held the day before the main conference.


Xlab explores how the profession uses digital technology to create new immersive experiences that connect people to place. As the opportunities to integrate digital technologies and two-way interactions keep multiplying, we have seen Xlab develop from an SEGD workshop into a second "must attend" conference for most practitioners.

Chapter Meetings

36 chapters (up from 9 in 2012)represent SEGD at a local city level internationally, providing opportunities to network with and learn from other experiential graphic design professionals. SEGD has chapters all over the world, including Wellington, Brisbane, London, Edinburgh, Toronto, Vancouver and many U.S. cities.


SEGD's website and referral system help members identify fabricators, designers and other partners for their projects.

Online Membership Directory

Members can access up-to-date contact information on members on their Bio Pagesand Firm Listings(when logged into the website) as well as search for members in the SEGD Toolbox.

Job Bank

This online serviceputs job seekers in touch with employers. It provides fast and easy job posting and online management for employers.

SEGDTalk Listserv

SEGD's online members-only email forum allows members to interact with other professionals in the community, get answers to specific design and fabrication issues, locate suppliers and designers and discuss what's happening in the field.

Professional Development

SEGD.org and Social Media

The SEGD website is a rich source of information on key people, firms, research, technologies, materials and resources in experiential graphic design. It is the heart of our communications system. All related content, whether members newsor SEGD news such as CEO Updates,listings of events,chapter events and blogs,feature articles,awards,members bios,firm listings,courses and downloadable standards, the SEGDTalksvideos from all of our workshops and conferences and the Xplore tabs (where all site content is categorized by subjects), is posted on the SEGD website. It is THE portal for experiential graphic design with over 550,000 visits and 3,300,000 pageviews a year, it reaches a very wide audience. No less than 4% of the traffic consists of clients and potential clients (36,000) browsing for designers, firms and examples of projects. SEGD.org is complemented by a presence on the  social media sites LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Vimeo.

Courses and On-Demand Webinars

Over 100 courseson educational topics including the ADA, wayfinding systems, architectural graphics, signage, dynamic environments, exhibit design, identity graphics, civic design, pictogram design, retail and store design, mapping and themed environments.

SEGD Toolbox (Members Only)

The SEGD Toolboxis a set of:

  • On-line search apps to find designers, firms and projects
  • Surveys and resources that aid in project and professional research
  • Marketing resources to help you promote yourself and your firm to the profession and thousands of potential clients all searching the website looking for firms. 
  • Professional practice and learning resources to fill in competence and skills gaps and help you move ahead in your career. Such as such as the XGD Glossary, XGD Bibliography, Standard Form of Agreement and many more.

Do you know what skills you need to brush up on? Look at what SEGD's firm leaders are looking for from designersin various stages of their careers.

Log in with your membership log in to access these tools and resources.

ADA and Technical Information

Starting with the recently updated 2012 Americans with Disabilities Act White Paper (an invaluable tool for interpreting and applying the legislation) members benefit from SEGD’s expertise on these issues. See the SEGD Toolboxfor details.

Educational Resources

In a field that is represented by only a few degree programs, SEGD provides academic resourcesfor anyone teaching experiential graphic design topics, such as core competencies, curricula and a network of educators to consult with.

SEGD Annual

The SEGD awards annual is a full-color magazineprofiling the SEGD Global Design Award winning projects and biggest contributors to the profession who won SEGD Achievement Awards. It is the only print publication that showcases the state of the art in communication design for the built environment.

Weekly Email Newsletter

SEGD's member email newsletter features the latest events, projects and happenings in the experiential graphic design community. To share your news in the Weekly, email [email protected].


Discover books on EGD, experiential graphic design, exhibition design and related topics; SEGD White Papers; the SEGD Compensation & Billing Survey and more.


Reaching Your Audience

SEGD events and resources keep you connected with your target audience: professionals focused exclusively on experiential graphic design and visual communications in the built environment.

SEGD's reach is enormous, especially on SEGD.org where we reach over 370,000 unique visitors a year, generating more than 540,000 visits and over 4,000,000 pages read per year. Research shows that at least 15,000 of these are from city councils, universities, transportation utilities and sports franchises researching firms to work with. The SEGD Strategic Marketing Planner and Sponsor and advertisers guide outline the many ways you can reach them. The latest version of these are available through the footer on every page of the website.


Awarding Excellence

SEGD Global Design Awards

SEGD's most high-profile program, the annual SEGD Global Design Awards,brings together a jury of some of the best-known names in design to recognize and promote the best in contemporary experiential graphic design.

SEGD Achievement Awards

The SEGD Achievement Awardshonor the individuals, companies and institutions whose work has significantly advanced the experiential graphic design field.

As part of SEGD's mission to promote best practices and ethical standards in experiential graphic design, the annual SEGD Achievement Awards recognizes the individuals, companies and organizations that—through their commitment to human-centered, effective design in the built environment—help define those practices and standards.

Have someone you'd like to nominate? Click hereto send in your name, your nominee, and a brief statement on why they merit this award.

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