Insight Award

For consistently commissioning environmental graphic
design programs that 
significantly enhance or promote opportunities for the field and 
environmental graphic design education, and demonstrating a long-standing
to recognize the field

Recipients of the Insight Award are the visionary design clients behind years of outstanding museum exhibits, innovative hospital wayfinding systems, and rewarding partnerships between architects, developers, and designers.

List of Insight Honorees



2018 Merlin Entertainments

2017 MD Anderson

2016 Taubman

2015 University of Chicago Medicine

2014 Portsmouth City Council

2013 U.S. National Park Service

2012 David Harvey and the American Museum of Natural History

2011 TATE

2010 Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon

2009 V&A

2008 Texas Medical Center

2007 Apple, Inc.

2006 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

2005 Time Warner and Kaiser Permanente

2004 The Jerde Partnership

2002 Polshek Partnership Architects

2001 Amtrak

2000 The Mills Corporation

1999 National Park Service

1998 Smithsonian Institution

1997 New York MTA, Arts for Transit Program

1995 City of San Jose

1994 The Lighthouse

1993 Herman Miller, Inc.

1992 Walt Disney Company

1991 University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Art, Architecture & Planning

1990 Maguire Thomas Partners

1989 The Rouse Company

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