Headshot Edwin Schlossberg


Epitomizes the highest standards of practice in the field. 

For promoting the highest values in environmental/experiential design and significantly contributing to the direction and growth of their field. 

SEGD Fellows are the laureates of environmental/experiential design, recognized for creating a body of work and design leadership that epitomizes the highest standards of practice in their field. 

Entries are encouraged to recognize members who have demonstrated: the highest standards in the professional practice of environmental and/or experiential graphic design, proven design excellence (minimum of 10 years) shown in their body of work in environmental and/or experiential graphic design, or have made substantial contributions in leadership, education, research, strategy, or other areas related to environmental and/or experiential graphic design, thought-leadership, leading positive change in our industry through a focus on areas such as innovation, inclusivity and sustainability. 

List of Fellows


2021 Sylvia Harris (posthumous)

2020 Edwin Schlossberg

2019 Paula Scher

2018 Jane Davis Doggett

2017 Jan Lorenc

2016 Michael Reed

2015 Donald Meeker

2014 Doug Morris

2013 Sue Gould

2012 Patrick Gallagher

2011 Clifford Selbert and Robin Perkins

2010 Virginia Gehshan and Jerome Cloud

2009 David Gibson

2008 Ronald Shakespear

2007 Chris Calori and David Vanden-Eynden

2006 Garry Emery, emerystudio

2005 L. Richard Poulin

2004 Wayne Hunt

2003 Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown

2002 Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar

2001 Massimo Vignelli

2000 Ralph Appelbaum

1999 Henry Beer, Richard Foy, and Janet Martin

1998 Debra Nichols

1997 Michael Manwaring

1996 Robert Probst

1995 Sarah Speare

1994 Roger Whitehouse

1993 Ann Dudrow

1992 Lance Wyman

1991 Deborah Sussman

1990 John Berry

1989 John Follis

1988 Paul Arthur

1987 Richard Burns 
and Jim Glass

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