Distinguished Member Award

Distinguished Member Award

For demonstrating outstanding volunteer efforts contributing to the direction, growth, and excellence of SEGD programs and communities.

Entries are encouraged to recognize members who have demonstrated: inspiring new audience engagement, extending awareness of the field of experiential design, cultivating design communities, and clearing obstacles to facilitate the advancement of practitioners, ideas and practice areas.

List of Distinguished Members


2021 P. Michael Anderson

2020 Anthony Ferrara

2019 Donald Kiel

2018 Amy Lukas

2017 Kelly Kolar

2016 Lucy Holmes and Alex Wood

2015 Teresa Cox

2014 Cybelle Jones

2013 Gary Anzalone

2012 David Middleton

2011 Thomas L. Esch

2010 Wayne Hunt

2009 SEGD Green Committee (Gary Anzalone, Dawn Craft, Tom Horton, Craig Johnson, Maura Matthews, Dave Miller, Naomi Pearson, Mike Santos, Danny Schneider, Harry Spetnagel, John Souter)

2006 Jim Bolek, JRC Design

2005 Alan Jacobson

2004 Lee H. Skolnick, FAIA

2003 Jack Biesek

2002 Chris Calori

2001 Michael Reed

2000 Ken Ethridge

1999 Douglas Morris

1998 Nancy Daniels

1996 John Oszajca

1995 Stephen Schlott

1994 Scott Drummond, Juanita Dugdale, Robert Goes

1993 Wendy Olmstead

1992 Tom Donnelly, Charlie Greenawalt, Carol Naughton


Got a nominee? Click here to send in your name, your nominee, and a brief statement on why they merit this award.


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