ArtHouse Design

ArtHouse Design is a Denver-based, full-service design firm devoted to the creation of beautiful, thoughtful design. Nimble and versatile, we have a wide range of expertise, from branding and identity to wayfinding and signage, from print and packaging to donor recognition.

Specialists in designing for and shaping user-friendly, built environments, we lead the experiential graphic design community in design implementation for placemaking, partnering with architects, municipalities, developers and interior designers to improve
public spaces.

We are remarkably successful in working with diverse stakeholders to solve challenging design problems and see projects through from beginning to end; over our lifetime, we have a 90% success rate for getting our experiential graphic design projects built.

Whether you need intricate signage, a timeless logo, irresistible packaging, an engaging donor wall or something more surprising such as a public art installation, we will develop, enhance or reinvigorate your brand while communicating your visions and goals.

Our tagline, Left Brain. Right Design., means that we approach our work by balancing creative and visual with analytical and verbal for clear thinking and smart decisions. We incorporate best practices while asking insightful questions, actively listening and fostering ideas to find and develop the best—and right—solutions for each unique project. We have a deep understanding of materials, costs and timelines, and we’re just as comfortable presenting to a boardroom as we are hosting a public forum.

Maintaining the highest standards for our work and our relationships, we constantly strive to share our passion for design while making it enjoyable and fulfilling to collaborate with us.

We have perfected a proven efficient and effective design process — from planning and discovery through implementation and every deliberate step
in between —for seamless integration with your needs, budget and team.

Over the years, we have elevated dozens of businesses and public spaces—from start-up brands to iconic landmarks—making a noticeable impact in Colorado and beyond. Our work sparks imagination, encourages storytelling and promotes healing.

As experts in design, we provide knowledge, strategy, perspective and inspiration. But we know our results are better when we work together. We look forward to collaborating with you to solve your design challenges, however big or small they may seem.

“We incorporate best practices while asking insightful questions, actively listening and fostering ideas to find and develop the best solutions for each unique project.”

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