The Art of Mentorship

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

You’ve lived. You’ve worked. You’ve loved. You’ve failed. You’ve been scared. You’ve succeeded. There is always someone coming up behind you who could use a hand. You’re never too young to mentor and you're never too old to be mentored.

Mentoring is a practice that has been recognized for centuries as being a fairly simple and effective way to help young people develop knowledge, skills, motivation, and confidence. Join us for this speaker event, as we discuss the importance of mentoring and unique models different organizations use to mentor at risk youth. Learn how you can get involved and why you can and should become a mentor or be a mentee.


Damon McLeese, VSA Colorado/Access Gallery  |  Miranda Ziegler and Kelsey Fagan, AIGA Colorado  |  Angela Serravo and George Lim, SEGD  |  Ruthann Wallenberg , Goodwill Industries  |  Amy Siegel, Gensler


Access Gallery + Studio  |  AIGA Colorado  |  Colorado Creative Industries  |  SCFD (Scientific and Cultural Facilities District)
SEGD Denver  |  Gensler  |  Goodwill  |  VSA Colorado


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