Arrowstreet's New Director of Graphic Design

Arrowstreet's New Director of Graphic Design, Lauren Haggerty

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On January 21, Arrowstreet announced the appointment of Lauren Haggertyto Director of Graphic Design. With over 15 years of graphic design experience, Haggerty will be overseeing Arrowstreet's graphic studio—known for its work with environmental graphics, wayfinding, and signage. She will be facilitating the production of high-quality design for the firm's growing graphics portfolio which includes academic, retail, hospitality, corporate, and civic projects for libraries, museums, and parks.

"We are excited to have Lauren leading our graphic design studio as we continue our interdisciplinary approach to design," said Arrowstreet President Amy Korté. "Lauren's influence can be seen on many of our most innovative building designs that merge architecture, interior, and environmental graphics."

Haggerty has held various roles within Arrowstreet since 2006 and is now looking to incorporate the firm's profound commitment to sustainability into the studio's projects, largely working to examine and reevaluate materials used throughout production to reduce their environmental impact. Additionally, she is leveraging the firm's mixed-reality expertise by implementing virtual reality to streamline and boost the collaboration experience between designers and clients.

Haggerty, who earned a bachelor's degree in graphic design from the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, has been essential in bringing to life numerous significant projects throughout Greater Boston during her career at Arrowstreet. Some of her projects are listed here.

“From improving wayfinding experiences to creating memorable spaces, environmental graphics are integral to successful placemaking,” said Arrowstreet Director of Graphic Design Lauren Haggerty. “I look forward to this new role and continuing to leverage our studio’s range of expertise to create thoughtful design solutions that inform and inspire.”

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