Are You Connecting Through Your Association Website?

Sure, you’ve got your bio posted on LinkedIn and you probably think you’re covered. But are you hooked into the highly focused world of connections offered by your own professional association website? includes key features such as (FREE!) Member Bios and (paid) Firm Listings that top out Google searches in many cases and offer you amazing exposure. For example, in 2015, Member Bios were read more than 250,000 times! 

Member Bios are free for all SEGD members and put the enormous power of to work to deliver a rich view of you, the member. In 2015, Member Bios climbed from the 8th to the 6th most popular destination on

So far in 2015, has more than 3,250,000 page views and 235,000 unique visitors (over 360,000 total visits). Visits are up over 44% and new visits over 45% versus 2014. Member Bios represent more than 250,000 reads this year, almost 9% of the total reads on the site. Visitors—including roughly 6,000 clients or potential clients (based on our user research)—are really interested to know who you are and what you do, and we’re trying to make sure that finding you is easy!

Since our last round of site upgrades in October, Member Bios have become rich profiles rather than just simple bios. They now constitute a new perspective on Experiential Graphic Design and a way to search for content on the site using "people" as the filter. Your Member Bio will now filter all information on the site about you and aggregate it on your bio page! Take a look at one of the new Member Biosto see an example of this aggregation. Your Bio automatically collects all content related to you, such as SEGD Global Design Awards that you are credited with, Feature Articles that include you, SEGDTalks videos from presentations you have given at SEGD events since 2014, Member News that you have submitted on latest projects, promotions, etc., and links to your firm. In addition, when you are logged onto the website as a member, you will also see members' contact details and a list of your volunteer participation in SEGD.

The Firm Listings ($500 a year for members) were upgraded in a similar way, offering visitors a much more complete view of your firm. Firm Listings link back to your website and produce about 200,000 impressions of your logo a year on with over 1,500 Firm Listing page reads each. This is a better value than you can get with Google Adwords!

Pageviews on have increased by more than 300% in the last two years, and analytics show that page views jumped from 3 to 9 per visit over the same period. That means visitors are discovering the intriguing content on and sticking around to explore it. And guess what? In the process they’re finding your Member Bio or Firm Listing (if it’s there)!

Remember that 40% of all visits to are from international visitors and over 50% are generated from organic search. Both of these categories represent traffic that you are otherwise most likely NOT reaching through your own website.

There are currently over 800 Member Bios on the SEGD website and almost 100 Firm Listings. Is yours there? If not, why?

Here’s where you can submit your Member Bio.

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