Archigraphia Redux: Call for Submissions

Archigraphia Redux

Before there was John Follis’ Architectural Signing and Graphics, the seminal book that defined the discipline of environmental graphic design, there was Archigraphia, Walter Herdeg’s Graphis book surveying the integration of architecture and graphics. Four decades later, Richard Poulin, FSEGD, (Poulin + Morris), author of Graphic Design + Architecture: A 20th Century History (2012) is revisiting Archigraphia and calling for submissions to Archigraphia Redux.

In 1975, Walter Herdeg and Graphis published Archigraphia: Architectural and Environmental Graphics. It quickly became a groundbreaking publication on an international survey of mid-20th century architectural and environmental graphics worldwide.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the book, Graphis is publishing Archigraphia Redux—an international survey of 21st century architectural, environmental and experiential graphic design. It will include the original’s six chapters (Pictograms and Symbols, Vehicular Sign Systems, Visual Guidance and Wayfinding Systems, Building Facades and Storefronts, Supergraphics and Animated Surfaces and Transportation and Vehicle Graphics). A new seventh chapter will cover New Approaches and Digital Technologies. Each chapter will include an introductory essay by the likes of Tom Geismar, (United States), Ronald Shakespear (Argentina), Alex Wood, (United Kingdom), Masaaki Hiromura (Japan), Paula Scher (United States), Peter Knapp (United Kingdom) and Nik Hafermaas (United States).

The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 22, 2016. The book is scheduled for release in Fall 2016. For information on submitting, visit the Graphis website.

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