Anthony Vitagliano

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Anthony Vitagliano designs experiences and, more often than not, in a public space. As a Director of Experience Design at Digital Kitchen, Anthony Vitagliano is responsible for creating meaningful engagements between people and brands. Anthony has created work that has earned several industry awards including one Emmy nomination, Best in Show at the SEGD Global Design Awards, and a Design Grand Prix at the Cannes International Creativity Festival. He has led projects with clients such as The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, HBO, Los Angeles World Airports, Target, and Coca-Cola. He combines art with technology in unexpected ways and is often surprised by the outcome. In his free time, Anthony plays drums in a blues band with his mom, grandfather, aunts, and uncle in Chicago.

Connect with Anthony Vitagliano on Twitterand LinkedIn. View more of Anthony Vitagliano's work at Digital Kitchen.

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